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Texas Hold’em and the Bad Beat Jackpot

Texas Hold’em more commonly known as ‘Hold’em’ has become the world’s most popular poker game, both in land casinos and online casinos. To play this game every player is dealt two cards, the dealer spreads five cards which can be used by all players to make their best possible five-card hand. Before and after each card(s) […]

Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine hits $1.2 million at New York New York Casino

A lucky player won almost $1.2 million on a progressive Wheel of Fortune slot machine at New York-New York on 29th of January 2017. According to an IGT spokesperson, the player who won the jackpot is the second person to win a $1 million-plus jackpot on a Wheel of Fortune slot in Las Vegas this […]

The Bad Beat Jackpot- Play Big and Win Big

Bad Beat Jackpot is a great option for poker players to enjoy poker at online casinos to play big and win big. But what is the meaning of bad beat. A bad beat is a subjective term for a hand in which a player with what appear to be strong cards nevertheless loses. It most often […]

The Giant US Powerball jackpot-What it offers you to know

The US Powerball game, is one of the most popular and widely-played games in the United States, and has become renowned for its impressive $40 million starting jackpot, with the potential of yielding nine-figure jackpot wins. At the time of writing the jackpot was US million $106,000,000 The Wednesday, January 4th 2017 jackpot was at a guaranteed $80 […]

Will Online Gambling Take Over Brick & Mortar Casinos?

Are mobile casinos overwhelming physical casinos? Here’s how online gambling is complementing the US gambling industry. Online gambling and mobile casinos have experienced immense growth in the United States. Industry pundits at the East Coast Gaming Congress and iGaming Institute in Atlantic City have converged to trade insights on why mobile is crucial tool in […]

Say Bingo to Jackpots- The Bingo Prizes to Win

Bingo game is enjoyed by players both online and offline and they can win good jackpot payouts. There are mainly two types of jackpot games that can be played and these include a preset jackpot game and a progressive game. Both of these can offer some amazing payouts to real money players and make playing […]

Want to Win Big in 2017? Know These Online Gambling Trends

Do you want to win big this year? Let these online gambling trends be your guide. Casino games and online gambling enjoyed a great year last 2015, and it’s looking to grow even larger this year. The popularity of these games have gained popularity which will have a lasting impact in the casino industry. Online gambling sites […]

10 most popular ways to betting on hockey you see

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the NHL season, you might as well try betting on hockey. You’ll find out there are more ways than one to hit it big. Here is the top ten. 1. Keep your eyes wide open on the scorer and watch out for the next goal If you happen to […]

Russian Regulators Reduce Gambling Tax for Bookies

Russia has recently implemented reductions to its mandatory tax contributions from sportsbooks. The Ministry of Finance has imposed a mandatory contribution of 1% of online and land-based betting profits. The reduction has been approved due to the clamor of betting operators. Operators have been experiencing a difficult times as they increased regulatory fees and new […]

Loose Slot Machines- What they are and how to find them to win a Jackpot

It has been a matter of debate that whether  loose slot machine are placed in the casino at certain places to make it a hit on Jackpots. Many players at the casinos search for such loose slot machines and have made their own theories about where the casinos place these loose machines. One thing is but clear with reality that […]

E-sports’ Growing Popularity Sparks Regulation Issues

E-sports is becoming a crucial player in the online gambling industry, should regulations be established already? The e-sports industry is growing rapidly and has enticed stakeholders to invest. It has grown from simple fantasy sports betting to e-sports player betting that complemented the growth of the online gaming industry as well. The last five years […]

New Jersey  Sports Bet Advocacy Bolstered by American Gaming Association

New Jersey’s lawmakers and gambling operators just found an ally in the American Gaming Association. The AGA is now supporting New Jersey’s campaign for sports betting legislative amendments. The American Gaming Association has projected an activist approach in overturning the federal PASPA sports betting regulations. The AGA has now filed a brief that states that […]

13 unauthorized tactics to betting on baseball pay zero

Betting on baseball is considered the easiest route for first timers. There are in fact thirteen unauthorized strategies for pay zero. Let’s go over them one by one. 1. Find out how money line betting works Money line gambling is the foremost betting option for baseball. It relies solely on the outcome without considering the […]

Sports Betting Legalization Can Bolster These Casino Stocks

Will the legalization of sportsbetting increase US casino stocks? Sportsbetting has been a very subjective matter in the United States. Sports teams and commissions used to give unfavorable feedbacks regarding sportsbetting before.  However, times are changing and sportsbetting nowadays is seen as a potential resource for community funding. The congress is now reviewing 3 primary […]

Fantasy Sports Operators DraftKings and FanDuel Confirm 2017 Merger

  DraftKings and FanDuel have confirmed to initiate their plans for a merger in 2017. Daily fantasy sports companies DraftKings and FanFuel have made their merger plans public. The recent legal battles that both DFS companies encountered have urged them to join forces to boost their profit margins and revenues. Financial information weren’t revealed yet, […]

LA 2024 Bid Sees eSports as an Olympic Event

eSports could become the newest Olympic event if LA wins the Olympics 2024 bid. The Chairman of the LA 2024 delegation has announced that it will propose to make eSports an Olympic event. Plans can be realized once LA wins its Olympic hosting bid in 2024. Spectators will be treated to a new brand of […]

Can You Make Online Casino Gaming your Job?

There’s plenty of money involved by just playing a slot game on your smartphone. It can be addictive once you experience frequent wins, but can you turn online casino gaming into a job? The online gambling industry continues to grow and make vast improvements to entice more players and potential gamers to place a bet or […]

Brazil Lawmakers Approves Online Gambling Bill

Brazil’s gambling bill is gradually transforming into an actual law, thanks to a positive vote outcome from the senate committee. The Brazilian Senate Special Committee on National Development gave the thumbs up to statement of the 186/2014 legislation. The approved legislative statement aims to create a legal structure that would enable sports betting, online betting, […]

Bitcoin Experiences Appraisal During U.S. Presidential Elections

The recent U.S. Presidential Elections made headlines in different gambling markets. It has also given virtual currency Bitcoin a boost. The 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections proved to be a winning moment not only for Donald Trump but for Bitcoin as well. A number of Bitcoin betting sites have reported an appraisal and surge during the […]

Native American Operators Launch Social Gaming Apps in California

  California-based gambling operators are now riding the trend of social gaming. Penchanga Resorts & Casino has announced its first social gaming app called Best Bet Casino. The increasing popularity of online free-play social casinos has paved the way for the development of Best Bet Casino. The latest social gaming app offers slot games, video […]