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$160,000 won by Slotland Casino Player

Covering huge winnings at online casinos can surely give you the adrenaline rush you yearn for but it is even more exhilarating when the winnings are colossal. Recently an individual known as Yukon bagged a major jackpot from the video poker and online slots at Slotland Casino. Taking home a cash prize with the denominations of $163,476, Yukon who had been playing online for a little over a year stated that everyone hopes to hit the jackpot one day and that is why one has to keep playing but he never thought that one of these days he is going to have his name next to all the other winners on the online casino hall of fame.

Seeing his name flash on the screen Yukon thought he was dreaming, it was only when the customer service representative approaches him that he realized he had actually won. Planning to clear his name from the debt industry Yukon wants to utilize his money to plan out a holiday for himself preferably somewhere sunny and warm. Upholding its reputation this is the second largest progressive jackpot win for Golden 8 Slot.

Showcasing a total of fifteen exceptional slot and video poker games Slotland website is exclusively powered by Proprietary Slotland software. Testimonials from its esteemed players state that all other rival online casinos though placing more money at stake rarely give out any winning; with Slotland a player has the chance of winning something every week therefore increasing the probability of hitting the jackpot exponentially.

With the new progressive jackpot looming around the $58,000 mark , so what are you waiting for, register with Slotland and you can be one of the lucky winner to get a hold on their next jackpot.

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