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Bodog Rebranding for US players

Vamping up or completely altering their existence to better suit the need of US players is the current Moto of Bodog Casino these days. Recently releasing a statement that Bodog will now be operating at a completely new site titled Bovada. Hosted on a domain that mirrors graphics similar to Las Vegas the Morris Mohawk Gaming group who have been the official licensee of Bodog in the united states since 2006 will no longer be associated with Bodog.eu.

Though the license agreement does not expire before the 31st of December U.S. gambling aficionados are informed that looking for the previous site will only land them at the restricted access page at Bodog.eu.

For those of you who have been regular visitors of the European version of Bodog, rest assure that your funds and account balance will be safely transferred to the new location and you can access it using your existing account details and password. Wishing Bodog a successful new year, the rebranding doesnt conjure up much of a surprise as the Morris Mohawk Gaming group though boasting quite a history together had declared earlier this year that the Bodog name will be unavailable after 2012.

Bodog enthusiasts who were regular at the European site have already been informed of this drastic yet refreshing change. Players are also advised that due to the construction of the newer version from the older one, the transition process does involve the immobilization of both the websites but not to worry all gambling activities will recommence by 11:00 am ET on December 14th 2011.

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