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English Harbour Casino Festival Tourneys

The English Harbour has been one of the leading online casino offering a series of the online tournaments in the flashy and most Jubilant month of December.One series which was played on the famous Vegas technology slot game known as Fat Cat, has recently ended up on December 11.The biggest bonus was given to a player with aliascourts worth $4,774 and was declared the top player of the series.

Another series of the online casino tournaments would start  from December 12 and will last till December 18.English Harbour wants more and more players to participate but only 280 players have made registration for the Holiday feast round 2 Online tournament so far.The Female players are named as Bubble Ninjas who will be more likely to show her weapon during the animations.The most exciting offer that  English Harbour online casino will give is the fixed jackpot of 2,000 coins promised.

Players playing at the English Harbour Casino Tournament will get another option and that is if they want to jack up their chip balance in a blink of eye then they can use the fantastic auto spin feature. This feature speeds up  the reels without manual  interference and it can be lowered down till 0.25 seconds even.

The fixed deposit  that a player need to deposit on the free entry who are keen to play for Holiday feast Round 2 is only $5.Each player can deposit the entry free for around maximum 2,500 times to re-buy.The top 200 repaying players  will get a free entry to the mega online tournament  which will be most probably held in  January 2011 giving the single top player a cash prize worth $50,000.

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