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David Stern Urging Amendments for Sports Betting

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David Stern is now pushing for amendments to legalize sports betting in the United States. The former NBA commissioner once opposed the legalization of sports betting in the country. In fact, Stern stated a few years ago that legalizing sports betting would cause damage to the NBA that can’t be calculated in dollars.

Today, Stern has a more open mindset when it comes to sports betting. He is now supporting a sports betting amendment for the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) to make substantial changes to allow state sponsored sports betting. Stern even summoned other sports leagues to support the sports betting amendment during the American Gaming Association’s Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas.

Sports Betting Still Carries a Negative Stigma

nba david stern

Former NBA commissioner David Stern now supports the legalization of sports betting

The NBA and other sports leagues have previously PASPA. This resulted to a limited sports betting activity to Nevada and Delaware. It is estimated that almost $90 billion in sports betting will be made from football this season. The issue would be that majority of the money will go to illegal sports betting operators.

Legalize sports books in Nevada have been estimated to accumulate only around $1.69 billion last year. David Stern believes that regulation of sports betting will make it possible to capitalize this profitable market. Regulation and legalization will complement each other. This will ensure that money won’t be drained by illegal sports books.

Nevertheless, even if the sports betting amendment will be initiated, sectors still feel that it will have negative repercussions. Opposing sectors believe that sports betting could results into player corruption and game fixing cases. It can put a stain on sports as well as the unfavorable impact on society, especially to children.

Will Legalized Sports Betting Yield More Positive Results?

nba adam silver

Such concerns and perceptions can hamper the development of amendments. Stern said that a firm gaming association that would establish an appropriate framework will make proper regulation a reality. Sports betting’s negative societal consequences are obsolete and irrational. Adam Silver, the current NBA commissioner is also supporting the legalization of sports betting.

“If a sport says, ‘I don’t want to have my games bet on,’ then they should have the opportunity to opt out. If a state says, ‘I don’t want to have betting’ for any number of reasons, they don’t have to have betting. And I think that makes it a really good situation. It’s sort of a coalition of the wanted and the wanting”, said Adam Silver.

Silver believes that sports betting legalization is an option for each state and every league if they decide to participate in the sports betting industry. It is believed that sports betting will be legal in 3-5 years.

Does sports betting need to be legalized in order to be regulated? Will it eliminate illegal sports book operations? Let us know what you think by commenting.