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Slotland Slot-O-Matic: An instant success among players

Proving to be a huge success in the ever-growing gaming market today, the Slot-O-Matic title by the online slots pioneer Slotland.com

whets the appetite of players for basic and straightforward games.

Currently the Slot-O-Matic is featured at Slotland’s sister site WinADay.com that recently revealed that the game was attracting a huge flock of avid gamers and was considered to be an instant hit among the masses the week it was launched. The statistics at Slotland stated that the Slot-O-Matic was played 30 percent more often from its collection of six online slots and was preferred over its most popular game, the Wheeler Dealer video poker title.

Slot-O-Matic’s deprives the gamers from the hassle of endless downloads and features a massive jackpot that currently sits at over $150,000. Alienated from the prize at Slotland.com which is nearing $200,000 the Slot-O-Matics unique features directly result in an amplification of its gaming market. Ondrej Tuma from Slotland.com stated that they are continuously striving to achieve the highest pinnacles of success by discussing new and innovative ideas to implement in the games.

Their lead programmer led them into believing that a simple slot machine among the hoards of slots with endless rules will definitely be a refreshing change and is prone to luring more players than any other slot game online. Therefore keeping in mind the contemporary ambiance of WinADay the Slot-O-Matic was created that exuded an aura reminding them of the 1980’s and the first computer games. He also stated that it was sheer instinct that provoked them to create such a marvelous product and developing this machine swiftly was their goal.

Only utilizing a month from the first idea to the launch no one at Slotland was certain that’s it would become a huge hit. Slotland online casino¬†displayed the facts stating that according to their research most of the players online wanted to build a bankroll playing single payline games before they try their luck at the multiple paylines. Single paylines prove to be a great way of winning for players that want to stretch out their playing for an evening or saving money. A regular at WinADay TulsaTwister2 stated that the added feature of the fourth reel is the real reason for its attraction and she loves getting more chances to win out of this.

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