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The infamous Slotland Jackpot just got hit

Unique in its games, the Slotland online casino boasts of its innovativeness and exclusivity. A haven of in house development in games, the Slotland online casino does not share or provide access to these amenities on any other software. If you think they would stop at that, think again, not only are their games only available at a particular podium each game is different from the next and they are all entwined to the same progressive jackpot .

One of the more recent occurrences include the jackpot crossing the $200,000 mark and soon after that a lucky winner wiped it clean claiming a whopping $207,241.

Using the alias Henry W this particular player certainly received his Christmas gift well in advance from Santa. Wagering on one of his favorite and Slotlands most popular slots, The Treasure Box Henry W felt out of his world stating that the feeling of winning was an indescribable one. All he wants from his winnings now is to buy a new car and spoil his children silly for Christmas.

For those of you who are new to the Treasure box, it is one of the classics at Slotland showcasing three slot machines with four pay lines. It boasts of a bonus fund called the treasury that takes a leap every time the wild symbol is displayed on its reels. In order to win a player has to spin the number combination displayed below the pay lines with three wild symbols in one payline.

Slotland has also confirmed the rumors that indeed the Treasure Box is one of their most popular and high paying slot machines. Some also consider it lucky because up till now this amazing game has given four figure jackpot wins every time. For those of you looking for a game that goes in accordance with the Christmas festivities Santas Sleigh is another favorite.

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