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Meet Controversial Casino Tycoon Sheldon Adelson

Thanks to a few pioneers, the gambling industry has evolved at lightning speeds in the last century. Between the introduction of mega-casinos and online gambling, we’ve come a long way. What used to be back alley pastimes can now be enjoyed in some of the most luxurious settings imaginable. Slowly but surely, outdated stigmas are being stripped from this lucrative industry. Now that gambling responsibly is socially acceptable, the doors have been opened for new ways of playing. Players now have access to more options than they can imagine, which highlights how far things have evolved.

This stunning transformation didn’t happen by itself. Multiple entrepreneurs from around the world risked it all to take casinos to the next level. To understand where the industry is going, it’s essential to explore the most influential people in gambling. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the most powerful names the industry. Today we are focusing on Sheldon Adelson, the creator of integrated resorts. He has revolutionized casinos with this larger than life concept, but is a staunch opponent of online gambling. Explore this controversial icon with our eye opening article!

Sheldon Adelson: A Gambling Industry Pioneer

Sheldon Adelson

This is undoubtedly the most controversial man in the industry.

Even at the age of 84, Sheldon Adelson manages to maintain power in the industry. He is the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Las Vegas Sands Corp. This is one of the biggest hotel and casino companies ever created, and their influence is felt around the world. They have larger than life venues in Singapore, Macau and the United States.

While creating this corporation is a remarkable achievement by itself, Adelson’s creation of integrated resorts steals the show. Not satisfied with the current union between casinos and resorts, Adelson took things a step further. He decided to make venues that rivaled small cities, and integrated resorts were born. These multi-billion-dollar establishments are more than simple resorts with a casino. They’re massive properties that are bursting at the seams with luxury entertainment, accommodations, food and beverage, gambling and convention options.

This innovative idea was first introduced in Las Vegas, but its wild popularity has spread them across the world. Now integrated resorts can be found in Macau, UK, Singapore and the Philippines. This trend is taking casinos to a new level, creating venues that are so glamourous they border on overwhelming.

Sheldon Adelson

Sheldon doesn’t hesitate to utilize his political influence.

From accusations of dominating the Republican party to incentivizing more military support for Israel, Adelson is no stranger to controversy. He’s been accused of using his fortune to manipulate American politics on multiple occasions. This has been achieved by donating obscene amounts of money to political organizations. Opponents claim that he has spend $364 million on nefarious donations, but that remains to be proven in court. While these scandals are pure speculation, another legislative endeavor has made Adelson unappealing to players.

Ironically, the godfather of integrated resorts is the biggest threat to another gambling innovation. Claiming that it’s a menace to society, Adelson is going to war with online casinos. It’s obvious that he’s motivated by financial reasons, but that doesn’t stop him from expressing his hatred for online gambling. Even though his claims are laughable, his direct attacks on the online gambling industry aren’t. He’s a staunch supporter of the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) initiative. This archaic legislation aimed to make online gambling illegal within the borders of the United States.

Currently players can legally enjoy online gambling services in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. All that would have changed if Adelson’s initiative passed. Fortunately it didn’t, but players have to keep their eyes out for similar attempts to monopolize the industry. The amount of power Adelson exudes in politics is staggering, so the reemergence of RAWA is imminent.

At the end of the day, Sheldon Adelson has made a overwhelmingly positive impact on the gambling industry. His political domination is still troubling, as well as his hatred for online gambling. Hopefully he sticks to managing breathtaking casinos, but many worry that he will continue to try to keep the industry stuck in land based venues. Luckily you can’t stop progress, even if you’re a billionaire.