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Meet the Biggest Gambling Countries in the World

Almost every country has an open affair with gambling, but the countries that gamble the most are surprising. This is due to the fact that they break many stereotypes that are portrayed on TV. Even though Vegas steals the show, America is far from the biggest gambling nation. This puzzling news showcases the power of hidden gambling meccas around the world. From Asia to Europe, there are plenty of countries that spend a staggering amount of cash at the casino. This ferocious appetite for gambling has put them on the map, even though most players remain oblivious to the scale.

These places maybe unexpected, but they are far from underdeveloped. The biggest gambling countries have booming economies, which is why their punters are able to splurge. They are far from the glitz & glamour of Hollywood, but they are places that every player needs to visit. For this reason, we have compiled a list of countries that spend the most on gambling. Prepare to be surprised, they are a lot classier than you think!

Biggest Gambling Countries in the World

gambling countries

An open air market has cemented Ireland’s place on our list.

Gambling Country #3: Ireland – Nestled in the heart of Europe, Ireland is the final frontier for casinos. Their massive gambling industry is unregulated, so it’s no surprise that it’s booming. Due to an outdated law, casinos can take advantage of an advantageous loophole.

To this day, Ireland’s thriving casino industry falls into the old Gaming & Lottery Act of 1956. According to this law, only registered member clubs can offer casino services to patrons. Inside these venues each gaming machine can’t accept bets exceeding 6 pence or offer rewards over 10 shillings. Even though this may seem excessive, the writing of the law makes it impossible to enforcey. The Irish pound hasn’t been used as a legal tender since 1999, which makes this law completely useless. Since no one uses this currency, enforcing this law has become impossible.

This shocking grey area has allowed countless casinos to open their doors to patrons. Along with producing an eplosive growth in venues, the amount of gambling losses per citizen is on the rise. On average Irish players lose $588 per adult of the population. This staggering figure is forcing the government to intervene, but they have an arduous road ahead of them. The window is starting to close, so come see this novelty before it gets regulated!

gambling countries

Welcome to some of the most lavish casinos in the world!

Gambling Country #2: Singapore – This country is the banking hub of Asia, so it’s no surprise that they have a voracious appetite for gambling. They just opened their first casino in 2010, but that didn’t stop them from nearly topping our list. Their ample amount of cash helped transform Singapore into a gambling mecca in a few short years.

This was a dramatic change, & it didn’t go over well with the locals. The government helped ease people’s fears of addiction by imposing a $81 fee for locals entering a casino. Family members can also ban their relatives from visiting casinos under the “Family Exclusion Orders”. Despite these valiant attempts to fight addiction, gambling is still on the rise. On average their punters lose $1,174 per adult, which is nearly double what people lose in Ireland.

gambling countries

This country runs on tax money collected from casinos.

Gambling Country #1: Australia – Out of all the countries in the world, none are more addicted to gambling than Australia. The government makes an obscene amount of money from casinos, which gives them unmatched lobbying power. Apart from the billions of tax dollars generated by casinos, pokies is engrained in the culture.

This open relationship with gambling has led to Australian gamblers losing $1,128 per adult. This is the biggest losses in the world, & it fuels one of the biggest industries in the country. Since the country literally runs on casino money, visiting one of their casinos is an experience of a lifetime. Get a piece of the action, it will easily rival anything Vegas has to offer!