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October Big Winners at 32 Red Online Casino

The 32Red Casino had quite a lot of casino activity during October. The gaming at the 32Red casino was at its peak and thus there was large amount of payouts that were given by the casino. The classic casino games were played quite frequently and enjoyed a lot.

Among one of the lucky players at the 32Red Online Casino was Mark S who was playing European Roulette and proved to be quite successful at his table. Mark, after playing fabulously won around £64,857.

The other big winner at the 32Red casino during October is called Sylvia B.  She won a massive £31,663 and was off to celebrate the victory like the others although she won the money after playing on the Lots a Loot progressive slot on the 9th of October. Most online gamblers may overlook this slot because some of the other popular games, such as Mega Moolah Jackpot and The Big One, which offer bigger jackpots. However when it comes to casino gaming, you never know which game may lead you to hit the jackpot.

Finally, there was another winner who emerged while playing on the classic Thunderstruck slot game. It seems like 32RedCasino.com is making winners every month off of this game as it is constantly paying out. This latest win produced the third largest payout.  It was worth £22,896 and it went to Lawrence H. This 5 reel, 9-payline game is always in 32 Reds most popular list as it is one of the more generous machines. So dont forget to take a few spins on Lots a Loot to make a bit of extra money.

If you want to look for some money minting games and play like these winners then avail your chance to join the club of big winners get to 32Red Casino, because November will hopefully prove to be just as successful as October.

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