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Casino Payment Methods for American Players

US players have many deposit options available at the online casinos to play real money games. Though since Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was passed in 2006 many financial companies withdrew its services from the US gambling market but there is no dearth of payment modes. All you need is to go through the banking page of the online casino you wish to play real money slots and find the payment methods that suits you best and allows you to make a deposit at the casino as well as make a withdrawal.

Popular US Casino Payment Methods

slots of vegas deposit options

Payment methods at Slots of Vegas casino

Here you can find a list of most common online casino payment methods available to US players.

Credit Cards

The most common way to deposit funds is by credit cards (90% of deposits). Visa is by far the easiest one. It is accepted by almost every US friendly online casino, therefore if you can use Visa, you really should. Also you can make deposit by Mastercard. Master card has special new credit card codes that can be used to make legal online transaction to play games at online casinos. If you prefer Amex then note that only few casinos accept Amex and even then you’ll might need to try 1-2 times before it goes through.

Prepaid Vouchers

Prepaid vouchers are a great payment option and have become quite a popular since its inception. The main advantage here is that it always works. But note that not all casinos accept them, but if they do, it works almost 100% of the time. They are referred by different names, EZ Voucher, Secure Voucher etc, but they all pretty much similar. You just need to click on the link in the casino cashier and you will be redirected to the Prepaid Voucher site. You buy the voucher for the amount you wish to deposit. You paste the voucher code back in the casino cashier and that’s it.

Bank Wires

You can make casino deposit using bank wire. There are some advantages in using this option and one huge disadvantage and that is that it takes too long. It can take around 2 days till you will see the money in your account, whereas with Credit cards and Vouchers your account is credited instantaneously.


Bitcoin is the best alternative for US players at online casinos. It is free from any worry as well as quick and instant deposit.  These days many of the online casinos offer Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal option for the players, as the cryptocurrency is on rise and widely used in online transactions. To make a deposit with Bitcoin (BTC) first you need to obtain a Bitcoin wallet. As is BTC the wallet is also a virtual object and it could be lost if  not previously backed up. So choose the wallet which is reputed like online bitcoin wallet and is stored in the cloud servers hosted by third party. There are software wallets and these are being stored at your computer. Next after you have wallet you need to purchase Bitcoins from a reputable seller. As Bitcoin has no attachments to any bank of any kind and the currency circulated from peer to peer that is from user to user with appropriate BTC addresses.

When you register at an online casino that offer Bitcoin transactions then  you will obtain Bitcoin address or your own to use. The deposit to a casino account happens instantly only it needs to be confirmed by the block chain which might require sometime but only few minutes.

Same way you can withdraw with  Bitcoins. The cashing out process might take a bit longer than the deposit due to various checks and verifications the casino is obligated to perform manually and you are free to keep BTC in your e wallet.

Deposit option at maimi club casino

Deposit options at Maimi Club Casino

Western Union

Speaking of legitimate, it’s hard to get more traditional than Western Union. Western Union was the first major company to use electric wiring to send messages, after Western Union was founded in 1851 as a telegraph company. Generations and several technological iterations later, Western Union is still one of the most reliable message carriers in the communications business. Another major use of Western Union these days is to send money over the wire, which is why Western Union makes this list.


Moneygram is another older, respected company from the United States. Based originally in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Moneygram International was bought by Goldman Sachs and other partners a few years ago and is now located in Dallas, Texas. Moneygram has 300,000 outlets around the globe and is found in well over 150 nations.


An eCheck lets you set up an electronic funds transfer system, sending money from your checking account for any sort of check payment you would otherwise make with a personal check. Electronic checks are available to gamblers in the United states.

Rapid Transfer

This is a special payment method used only by Slots LV and Ignition casinos. It means that you will receive your payment within 48 hours, which is pretty amazing for US online casino, but the downside is that you can cashout only $650 per payment and there are some fees involved ($20 – $60, depends on the amount).

Withdrawal options for US players at online casinos

There are two main methods which you can use to withdraw your winnings: check and wire transfer.

Wire transfer withdrawal is available in every US friendly casino. The transfer itself takes approximately 24-48 hours, however the processing times varies from one casino to another and so are the fees. We recommend that you check the casino banking page for exact details.

Checks naturally take a bit longer than wires, but it mainly depends on the Check company itself. Some casinos are quite fast,  and take two to four days, while in some it can take even two weeks.

Some other payment and withdrawal modes that might work at online casinos are:

· Click2Pay
USA Players who have active Click2Pay accounts may process their deposits and
withdrawals through Click2Pay.

· PayTru
An eWallet solution similar to NETeller. Easy to use!

· PaySpark
Another eWallet solution similar to NETeller.

· ATMonline
An eWallet solution similar to NETeller. I must say I’m not a big they require you to install and Active X.

· UK Debit Cards
This another reliable way.

· Moneybookers
Moneybookers is a highly trusted and secure method of making international online

· eMoneyGram
Convenient and reliable e-Wallet.

Click Here for an updated list of casinos that accept American players from all states.

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