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Slotland.com Player predicts herself to be the future winner at Slotland.com

On of the players at Slotlnd.com is categorically convinced that she will be the next ultimate winner of the online progressive jackpot at Slotland.com

and sister site WinADay.com. She has even gone to preposterous lengths of advising other players to give up hope, save what they have because no matter how hard they try their efforts will be fruitless.
Currently Slotland.com’s ultimate prize is resting at a staggering position of $178,000 while the progressive jackpot at the three dimensional casino WinADay.com is not far behind in this race offering a lucrative prize worth $139,000.

Dreaming of winning in a glorified picturesque the online player Lady Luck’ told a customer services representative at SlotLand┬ácasino ┬áthat she actually dreamt of winning this amazing jackpot. As clear as the night sky she witnessed in her dream that she was playing her all time favorite slot machine, Treasure Box, when suddenly the screen started blinking telling her that she had won the prized jackpot of over $178,000.

Unveiled eleven years ago Slotland.com is proud to feature a progressive jackpot that has a payout rate of Six weeks on average for over $100,000. Flaunting a realistic three dimensional interface ScotLand’s sister corporation WinADay.com was premiered last year and showcases the atmosphere of a virtual casino with virtual employees to assist players with its free-instant play Flash games. LadyLuck was also seen to comment that no matter how hard they try or how much they wager all the efforts put in by her contenders will be useless because ultimately she is going to take away the jackpot. Considering it as a predestined path LadyLuck is confident about her future and what it brings with it.

Available at all of the 16 online slots present at the casino including Treasure Box, Booster and the new Mega Spin the progressive jackpot is increasing at a steady rate. The progressive jackpot at Slotland.com is available on every one of the site’s 16 online slots including Treasure Box, Booster and the new Megaspin. The ultimate prize at WinADay.com is disconnected from the jackpot at Slotland.com and can be won by playing its six unique and thrilling games namely the new Slot-O-Matic title. Ondrej Tuma from Slotland.com stated that we are not certain if this enthusiastic player will be awarded the jackpot prize or not but we do believe that believing to win is part of the fun and entertainment these casino games offer.

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