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Strict transactions processing from Bodog Europe

Players at Bodog Europe recently reported that they received an email notifying that the casino is being more particular in who gets entertained as a player. The email says that Bodog Europe will no longer be processing transactions in the player’s jurisdiction starting from August 30th 2012. In order to protect the funds, Bodog Europe will adjust all player balances to zero after the said date; players will still be able to withdraw their funds but not in the usual automated way. The customer support team at the online casino will provide the further details.

The problem that led to a few rumors about Bodog Europe was that they did not give an apparent reason for the shutdown of accounts. Some of the rumors seen at the online casino forums were about the franchise holder who had problem processing payments and in some jurisdictions therefore have to quit the online casino business and also that Bodog Europe will be following the current industry trends by providing services to specific nationally regulated jurisdictions.

Bodog Europe immediately released a statement in response to these rumors that clarifies that Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan are the only affected countries. And that they wanted to focus on the jurisdictions where they can offer their best product since offering a high level of customer service is what Bodog brand is known for.

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Bodog launched new online slot– Treasure Island

Players at Bodog Casino can now seize the treasure map on the reels and rule the Seven Seas by claiming Captain Neri’s booty for themselves. Treasure Island is guaranteed to attract a number of online gamblers and many of them have already started loving it.

The Treasure Island video slot features

- Thematic Symbols like the Bulldog, the Crocodile and a pair of Cutlasses.
- The reels are set on a deck of the pirate ship.
- Captain Neri offering the highest payout worth 25,000 coins.
- Pirate Flag as the Wild Symbol appearing on the reels 1, 3 and 5 and offering doubled payouts when appearing in a winning combination.
- Treasure Map as the Scatter Symbol offering scatter payouts with the largest scatter payout of 200 coins when two or more of them appear anywhere on the reel.
- A special Bonus Game or a Free Spins Feature when three or more scatter symbols appear.
- 10 free spins and doubled normal payouts in the Free Spins feature.
- A Parrot Symbol acting as a multiplier that multiplies the triggering bet from 2x to 10x.
- The Bonus Game offering 1,000x the triggering bet.

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Bodog Casino’s New Release- Ares Online Slot

Bodog Casino launches a new slot in the beginning of every month and all of them turn out to be quite successful. The recent addition in their games panel was El Luchador, Dragons and Indiana Jane.The two latest online slots to be released in the month of May are ‘Ares’ and ‘Treasure Island’.

‘Ares- the Battle of Troy’ depicts Greek Mythology and a War theme that demonstrates a battle for Troy. It is an All Pay slot and there are no defined paylines.

This slot has the shield, the helmet, the battle axe, the armor and a lot more thematic symbols related to Spartan war gear. The Wild symbol in this slot is The Spartan Warrior that appears on reel 2, 3 and 4.

Players can collect bonus prizes by choosing any of the 15 Greek shields that appear on the second screen. Choosing a shield ‘Win All’ lets you have all the prizes in the remaining shields and including all the prizes you’ve already won. And if a player chooses the shield that says ‘Collect’, this ends the bonus game and lets you keep the bonus credits you’ve earned so far.

Ares also offers a random progressive jackpot that you can hit after any spin, while there is no need of a specific combination of symbols to appear on the reel. The total bet per spin ranges from 0.25 credits to 125 credits.

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The Dragon Promo unveiled at Bodog Casino

The renowned Bodog Casino has decided to provide their players with a trip down nostalgia lane so you can remember the times when you once dreamed of saving a damsel in dress by fighting off the vicious mythical creatures more famously known as dragons. For this quest all you need is a computer and the will to survive. Unveiling the latest addition titled The Dragon to the array of slot games at their Casino Bodog welcomes gambling devotees from all over the world to try their luck. Launching a promotion to celebrate this amazing feat Bodog Casino has introduced a new promotion that will run throughout the month of February and will provide you with a chance to win £500 every week.

Initiating the launch from the 1st of February the first week will grant players with one lucky draw ticket for every £10 that are wagered on the amazing Dragon slot. Those players who are skillful enough to win 50 tickets during the first week will be awarded with £25 as cash back. All the tickets will be included in the lucky draw and the winner of that lucky draw will be able to take home the prize which is £500.

Though most of you might think that playing the same game week over week can turn out to be quite monotonous, well think again, as Bodog Casino brings a twist into the Unleash the Dragon Promotion. In the second week you will be playing a video poker game and for every £10 wagered the player will receive one ticket. Don’t worry they haven’t forgotten about the Dragon slot as that is the prime reason for the launch of this promotion but it certainly becomes more tempting as you will start to receive 5 tickets for every £10 you deposit. The third week is pretty much the same with slight changes such as Blackjack replacing the Video Poker games where as the final week of the promotion you will only receive 2 tickets for every £10 wagered.

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January Sales Promotion at Bodog Casino

The Bodog Casino offers its esteemed customers a chance to win £1,000 not to mention an additional £225 in amazing bonuses. Unveiling recently a lucky draw that will definitely have your salivating over it the Bodog Casino players have to select from an array of table and slot games in order to participate. For those of you who are running short of luck these days you don’t need to worry as there are a total of ten consolation prizes worth a £100 up for grabs. Active for a period of three weeks this amazing January Promotion provides each player with a code which they have to redeem in order to get a single ticket to the lucky draw. Once the promotion has reached its end the lucky draw will be conducted within 24 hours of the last day and the prizes will instantly be credited to the winners account and they can easily withdraw that amount.

The first week of the promotion at the amazing and coveted Bodog Casino starts from January 11th to January 17th. He second week is then initiated from January 18th whereas the third and final week starts from January 25th and will end on January 31st. Keep in mind that though the first week offers a small bonus these  casino bonuses will increase exponentially once the third week of the promotion is reached. Starting from 25% bonuses on table games and 50% bonuses on Slot Games the Bodog Casino January promotion in the third week will provide 75% bonuses on table games and 100% bonuses on slot games in the third week. So don’t waste your time and avail this amazing opportunity as soon as possible.

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Bodog Rebranding for US players

Vamping up or completely altering their existence to better suit the need of US players is the current Moto of Bodog Casino these days. Recently releasing a statement that Bodog will now be operating at a completely new site titled Bovada. Hosted on a domain that mirrors graphics similar to Las Vegas the Morris Mohawk Gaming group who have been the official licensee of Bodog in the united states since 2006 will no longer be associated with Bodog.eu.

Though the license agreement does not expire before the 31st of December U.S. gambling aficionados are informed that looking for the previous site will only land them at the restricted access page at Bodog.eu.

For those of you who have been regular visitors of the European version of Bodog, rest assure that your funds and account balance will be safely transferred to the new location and you can access it using your existing account details and password. Wishing Bodog a successful new year, the rebranding doesn’t conjure up much of a surprise as the Morris Mohawk Gaming group though boasting quite a history together had declared earlier this year that the Bodog name will be unavailable after 2012.

Bodog enthusiasts who were regular at the European site have already been informed of this drastic yet refreshing change. Players are also advised that due to the construction of the newer version from the older one, the transition process does involve the immobilization of both the websites but not to worry all gambling activities will recommence by 11:00 am ET on December 14th 2011.

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Bodog Online Casino to Change Domain

Bodog.com has recently announced to  relocate its services to a new domain that would be Bodog.eu. Point to ponder is that the existing Bodog.com domain would then no longer be in use after the changeover is complete.The justification to this relocation given by the Bodog management is that the new change is the part of an international expansion program that was initiated in December 2010.

Moreover,there’s another franchisee of the Bodog brand  that is already  operating in Europe but it has been stated by the site that it taking on a European domain extension will not impede or prejudice the other brand licensee.

Alwyn Morris, Chief Executive Officer for Morris Mohawk said that the experience of history tells them not to stand still and they feel that more global domain would appeal more directly to the new markets they plan to enter.Whereas, the timing of the change of domain extension has coincided with the Black Friday and Blue Monday activities of the US Department of Justice. The three biggest online poker domains were seized and on Blue Monday ten other online gambling domains, including online casinos, were seized.

Harvey Anderson, Mozilla’s lawyer, stated that one of the fundamental issues there was under what conditions do intermediaries accede to government requests that had a censorship effect and which may threaten the open Internet.Bodog.com is an online gambling portal operated by the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group and licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

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Slots.com is open for business

Slots.com which is owned by the BodogBrand.com and licensed to existing Brand Licensees, Bodog Europe and the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group, is finally looking for having a feedback from  its visitors and customers to improve the site in its early launch time.  There will be significant updates to the site in the next couple of months based on the players directives. The target audience for the site is casino players as well as the emerging female gaming fraternity.

According to Slots.com European Head of Marketing, Charlie Good “Slots.com hold the second top most position when it comes to be the best gaming domain in the world after Casino.com.It claims it to be even better than Poker.com since there are no strong brands endorsing it.”

The facts and figures about “Slots”  keeps its players and business persons on their toes and don’t let them deviate. It includes “Slots games” earned Worldwide more net win and gross revenue than any other casino games in the world plus there are over 35.1 million results for the keyword “Slots” in Google. Moreover, 6.1m people worldwide look for “Slots” online each month in Google. Last but not the least; it has paid the largest sum of money for a domain in 2010 and one of the top 10 ever.

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Bodog Casino Doles Out Dozens of New Casino Games

Bodog casino is one of leading online casino providing quality gaming services, the casino is famous for introducing unique casino games one after another. Recently they have announced that they are going to release, over twenty five new games for their players.

All the newly added games are unique in their own special way. The only major type of game not included in this series is that of the table games. Slots, video poker, and specialty games have all see new additions to this list.

Sixteen games out of twenty are the slot games and many of them are the video slots. Fruit slots, aquatic themed slots, and many more have been added to Bodog’s already wide-ranging list of games.

Video Poker had also received a great number of additional games. On top of Bodog’s already existing list of video poker games, there have been several additions. 4-Hand Coliseum, Face the Ace, 4-Hand Face the Ace, and the exciting Shockwave Poker have all been added as new games.

Eight new specialty games have also been introduced by the Bodog online casino. Many of these games are scratch games, one of which has a bingo theme; even a soccer based game has been introduced.

By the addition of these twenty five games to the Bodog Casino their version of the RTG Casino has grown even better. With their 10% unlimited match bonus, players have continued to join Bodog in bulk. Bodog’s online casino has continued to grow better than nearly every other gaming centre with similar characteristics.

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Online Gambling Paid Off in Casino during Super Bowl

Super Bowl represents the biggest wagering event of the year for professional, amateur and occasional gamblers. The Super Bowl is the single most bet-on sporting event in the world, drawing three times the number of bettors than any other single game.

Super Bowl gambling takes place in casinos, homes, offices and online on Internet sports-books all over the country, and even around the world. Even people who do not usually engage in sports betting can be found participating in Super Bowl gambling.

Online Gambling was just one of the things available to do as you back to watch the New Orleans Saints pull off the upset win over Indianapolis Colts Payton and Manning the on Sunday. There were almost 106.5 million people who participated in this year’s Super Bowl and several of them enjoyed the huge winnings. While many new players who had signed up for an account on Bodog.com, they got a big win not because they wager on the Super Bowl but because of joining Bodog.com.

During the game on Super Bowl Sunday; all the players enjoyed poker games like black jack, craps, slots and Roullete and Bodog Casino announced so many winners. There was a player from Texas who won a huge prize of $34,419 while playing Caribbean Stud Poker. And the other player from Florida won a prize of $20,124 by playing delighted Garden Slots. While a player from Connecticut who won a enormous prize of $90,000 while playing Caribbean Stud Poker and was announced as a biggest winner of Bodog Casino.

As we all know that NFL football season is finished and will be back in the next season, so we will be transitioning our coverage to college basketball and NBA action.

But if you want some entertainment and extra fun along with money minting opportunities without stepping out of your home then there are several online casino games available from Bodog.com Casino.

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