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Bodog Rebranding for US players

Vamping up or completely altering their existence to better suit the need of US players is the current Moto of Bodog Casino these days. Recently releasing a statement that Bodog will now be operating at a completely new site titled Bovada. Hosted on a domain that mirrors graphics similar to Las Vegas the Morris Mohawk Gaming group who have been the official licensee of Bodog in the united states since 2006 will no longer be associated with Bodog.eu.

Though the license agreement does not expire before the 31st of December U.S. gambling aficionados are informed that looking for the previous site will only land them at the restricted access page at Bodog.eu.

For those of you who have been regular visitors of the European version of Bodog, rest assure that your funds and account balance will be safely transferred to the new location and you can access it using your existing account details and password. Wishing Bodog a successful new year, the rebranding doesnt conjure up much of a surprise as the Morris Mohawk Gaming group though boasting quite a history together had declared earlier this year that the Bodog name will be unavailable after 2012.

Bodog enthusiasts who were regular at the European site have already been informed of this drastic yet refreshing change. Players are also advised that due to the construction of the newer version from the older one, the transition process does involve the immobilization of both the websites but not to worry all gambling activities will recommence by 11:00 am ET on December 14th 2011.

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Bodog Casino Doles Out Dozens of New Casino Games

Bodog casino is one of leading online casino providing quality gaming services, the casino is famous for introducing unique casino games one after another. Recently they have announced that they are going to release, over twenty five new games for their players.

All the newly added games are unique in their own special way. The only major type of game not included in this series is that of the table games. Slots, video poker, and specialty games have all see new additions to this list.

Sixteen games out of twenty are the slot games and many of them are the video slots. Fruit slots, aquatic themed slots, and many more have been added to Bodogs already wide-ranging list of games.

Video Poker had also received a great number of additional games. On top of Bodogs already existing list of video poker games, there have been several additions. 4-Hand Coliseum, Face the Ace, 4-Hand Face the Ace, and the exciting Shockwave Poker have all been added as new games.

Eight new specialty games have also been introduced by the Bodog online casino. Many of these games are scratch games, one of which has a bingo theme; even a soccer based game has been introduced.

By the addition of these twenty five games to the Bodog Casino their version of the RTG Casino has grown even better. With their 10% unlimited match bonus, players have continued to join Bodog in bulk. Bodogs online casino has continued to grow better than nearly every other gaming centre with similar characteristics.

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Online Gambling Paid Off in Casino during Super Bowl

Super Bowl represents the biggest wagering event of the year for professional, amateur and occasional gamblers. The Super Bowl is the single most bet-on sporting event in the world, drawing three times the number of bettors than any other single game.

Super Bowl gambling takes place in casinos, homes, offices and online on Internet sports-books all over the country, and even around the world. Even people who do not usually engage in sports betting can be found participating in Super Bowl gambling.

Online Gambling was just one of the things available to do as you back to watch the New Orleans Saints pull off the upset win over Indianapolis Colts Payton and Manning the on Sunday. There were almost 106.5 million people who participated in this years Super Bowl and several of them enjoyed the huge winnings. While many new players who had signed up for an account on Bodog.com, they got a big win not because they wager on the Super Bowl but because of joining Bodog.com.

During the game on Super Bowl Sunday; all the players enjoyed poker games like black jack, craps, slots and Roullete and Bodog Casino announced so many winners. There was a player from Texas who won a huge prize of $34,419 while playing Caribbean Stud Poker. And the other player from Florida won a prize of $20,124 by playing delighted Garden Slots. While a player from Connecticut who won a enormous prize of $90,000 while playing Caribbean Stud Poker and was announced as a biggest winner of Bodog Casino.

As we all know that NFL football season is finished and will be back in the next season, so we will be transitioning our coverage to college basketball and NBA action.

But if you want some entertainment and extra fun along with money minting opportunities without stepping out of your home then there are several online casino games available from Bodog.com Casino.

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Bodog online casino riddled with big winners this month

The Bodog casino has always produced great players who have excelled in their gaming at the online casinos. Some players have frequently been earning huge jackpots all the way at the Bodog and making history. The player who has succeeded the most in making money is a German casino player, Edmund S., who won over $166,000 playing slots and roulette..

Edmund started collecting this huge bankroll at the Aztec’s Treasure online slots, which is known to offer a big payout when betting the top wager amounts. The fabulous virtual slot machine offers free spins which can re-accumulate and the payouts during those free spins are unbelievably huge, especially because the winnings are tripled.

So the more you wager the bigger your wins during the free spins feature and that’s how Edmund made it big at the Bodog online casino. Even after minting so much money Edward was encouraged to play more and he moved over to the roulette tables, where playing European roulette brought his casino worth to a combined total of $166,915.

This victory was not only achieved by as there is a list of winners from the Bodog casino. This time the ladies were also in full action and were represented by Patricia C. from Florida, who won a combined total of $38,300 playing Diamond Dozen and Tally Ho online slots. Along with Patricia C. Michelle S. won another combined total of $36,966 playing Enchanted Garden and Double Bonus Poker.

The list of winners is quite endless since the Bodog casino provides quality gaming which is bound to tempt any player. Now making money at the Bodog is not so difficult because the progressive jackpots have risen to over $763,000 for Shopping Spree slot and Mid-Life Crisis slot and $509,000 and change for Jackpot Pi±atas.

The Bodog casino is amongst the finest online casinos and every aspect of gaming at the Bodog is enjoyable.

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Online Bodog Casino website gets a facelift

The Bodog Casino along with sports book and poker room, is always surprising its players, and this time it has a new format for its website. The facelift of the home page could tend to confuse the players, although once they get used to it, it will all be worth it.

The new look of the Bodog online gambling website is quite intriguing. Unlike the previous welcome page, where the current betting events and bonuses over crowded the page, the new welcome webpage is much more organized, providing a good image to the player and giving him a clearer overview of the services offered at the gambling casino.

This new change of the website also concurs with the recent celebration of the 15th anniversary in the online gambling industry, along with the warm welcome of Canadian gamblers. With the new interface future and existing players can quickly decide what they want to do by one look at the page; whether to play at the poker room, visit the famous online casino or place some sports bets at the quality sportsbook Bodog runs.

Another addition to the Bodog casino website is the payment method list which is a small list of accepted ways to fund your gambling account at the website, something previously missing from Bodog.

With over 15 years of outstanding casino services in the online gambling world, the Bodog online casino and other gambling services are some of the most trusted all over the world and draw yearly crowd in around millions. So even if initially the players get lost in the website they need not worry because the casino has lots in store for everyone.

Also, the players should not forget that all customers of the Bodog online casino will continue getting 10% bonus on every deposit they make with the prestigious gambling company, an offer that will not change with the looks of the home page.

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Bodog now accept Canadian Players

For all those crazy casino players residing in Canada need not be disheartened now as from today, you can sign up and play through the iconic Bodog brand by accessing a new site launched especially for them at Bodog.ca.

Bodog Casino previously did not officially accept players from the North American nation, which has disappointed many diehard fans, but the launch of Bodog.ca coincides with the brand’s 15th anniversary.

According to the Bodog group The Bodog brand is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, an absolutely remarkable pedigree and testament to its enduring values in an industry that quickly kills off mediocrity,

The brand has gone through quite an evolution during that long history and Bodog Europe is looking forward to carrying the torch forward for at least another 15 years of world-class customer service, unbeatable promotions and, above all, fun.

Now the players at Bodog.ca can access and take advantage of the site’s sports book and casino, which features around 80 fabulous and thrilling games. In addition, the site hosts its regular Sunday $100,000 Guaranteed tournament every weekend with a buy-in of $162 offering a top prize of $25,000.

For every poker player that earns at least 2,000 points in a calendar month, Bodog.ca will double the total. Competitors will then be able to exchange these points for cash or use them to buy into tournaments.

Bodog Sportsbook and Casino is owned by Bodog Europe, which is regulated and licensed by the jurisdiction of Antigua.

Keith McDonnell, Managing Director for Bodog Europe stated that We’re extremely excited to be able to bring the unique Bodog experience to Canadian players,

Canadians are passionate sports fans and are extremely savvy consumers. The Bodog brand is known world over for its unmatched customer service and, here at Bodog Europe, we put the player’s experience and entertainment ahead of all else.

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Online Casino

Bodog Casino offers new $1600 weekly giveaways

The Bodog Casino is at it again with an exciting new offer that will tantalize its players. The ever entertaining casino, the Bodog casino now has a special offer that will shake up your Tuesdays and Wednesdays through their popular weekly promotion.

Between August 25th and September 30th the Bodog.com Casino is giving away $1600 a week at their “Dirty Martini” Online Slot and online blackjack. So now there is more of a reason to play these slots and aim higher.

Every week Bodog is handing out 24 separate $150 casino bonuses; 12 for the 10,000th and 30,000th spin in Bodog Dirty Martini and 12 for the 100,000th and 200,000th hand played in online Blackjack.

And that’s not all the casino has to offer because the players that are able to win the weekly raffle qualifiers receive $1,000, so the more you play at Bodog, the more chances you have to mint money your way. The Bodog Casino continues to lead other online casinos with many ways to earn cash in their popular online casino with amazing Bodog Casino bonuses and promotions, being better with each new offer.

The download version of the Bodog Online Casino features a wide variety of more than 75 casino games including 20-line slots. The site also offers a popular mobile version that allows you play dozens of casino games anytime anywhere via mobile making it convenient for players that have little time but great desire for gaming.

Bodog Casino is a recommended Casino by Gambling Gazette. The online casino offers a diverse and classic range of games with some of the best odds for the player. Among their offerings is Full-Pay Jacks or Better returning 99.54%, six other video poker games paying over 99%, single-zero roulette and two blackjack variants with a house edge under 0.2%!

New weekday specials from Bodog Online Casino

The Bodog Online Casino is set to intrigue its online casino player yet again with an exciting treat of gaming specials. The Bodog.com Casino is now providing the Dirty Martini Tuesdays and Blackjack Wednesdays which are going to be weekday specials for players from Aug. 25th to Sept. 30th.

When it comes to the days of the week, Fridays and Saturdays have traditionally been among the favorites of casino players especially because of the weekend hype. Now however this is about to change because your favorite online casino is doing something special to enrich your Tuesdays and Wednesdays with a special offer.

The Bodog Dirty Martini Tuesdays & Blackjack Wednesdays mean an extra $150 or $1,000 cash! All you have to do is play Bodog’s Dirty Martini online slots machine or Bodog online Blackjack for your chance to win this fabulous amount. Every week the Casino will hand out 24 $150 casino bonuses; 12 for the 10,000th and 30,000th spin in Bodog Dirty Martini and 12 for the 100,000th and 200,000th hand played in online Blackjack.

That’s not all the casino has to offer, as players that are able to win the weekly raffle qualifiers receive $1,000 so the more you play, the more chances you have to win.

So who wouldn’t want to win a little extra money playing their favorite online casino games? Stay close to the Bodog Beat where you can find out that who got lucky and won a little extra money playing in our Dirty Martini Tuesdays & Blackjack Wednesday’s weekday special promotion.

Get ready for the action-packed, fun filled, thrilling and money minting Tuesdays and Wednesdays, only at the Bodog Casino, where everyday it feels like Vegas!

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Bodog.com domain brand is Back

We are excited to announce that the Bodog.com and Bodog.co.uk (for Euro players) domains are once again home to the Bodog branâ„¢s operations in the U.S. and U.K. respectively. As previously mentioned, Morris Mohawk Gaming Group, the exclusive licensee for the Bodog brand in the U.S., gained ownership of the domains after finalizing an agreement that also resulted in the resolution of all pending patent litigation against the brand.

According to Bodog, June 11th, marks the day that the renowned Bodog.com domain name is officially back. The 2009 NBA Finals are set for Game 4, but what is even bigger news for the best online sportsbook Bodog is that the domain name Bodog.com is now back just in time for the Game 4 NBA Finals picks and predictions. Bodog.com, the undisputed online sportsbook champion suffered a huge blow when it lost its domain name, Bodog since then continued to prosper after resorting to BodogLife.com.

Re-launching the Bodog.com domain is just the tip of the iceberg. The Bodog brand celebrates its 15th Anniversary this year. It continues its expansion into Europe and Asia as well as opening soon to Canada. Conversion rates have been at their highest levels in the past year. Players receive payouts within days.

Not only is Bodog.com celebrating their relaunch of Bodog.com they have also reached a huge milestone recording their 3 millionth player account. That is 3 million satisfied players and whether they are making MLB picks, NBA Finals picks and predictions or playing poker at one of Bodog.com’s hundreds of scheduled and sit-n-go poker tournaments; one can guarantee players will continue to join the ranks making 2009 a banner year for Bodog.com.

On the other hand, Bodog Casino, powered by RTG and fully integrated into a one-for-all account, has become one of the popular casinos that still accept U.S. and Canadian Players.

The online sportsbook Bodog.com boasts, without question one the best online poker client (Bodog Poker) available and has continued to set the standard for online poker rooms across the globe.

The official return of the Bodog.com domain and Bodog’s list of achievements heading into the 2009 NFL football season will only insure that Bodog will remain one of the best online sportsbooks available to online wagering enthusiasts.

Bodog.com control goes back to Bodog

As reported breaking news on Poker daily, Bodog has gain control of Bodog.com, which was its original domain name since its launch. This happened as a result of the patent infringement lawsuit settlement between online sports book, casino, poker room and 1st Technology, LLC

Till to date, both domains I-e Bodog.com and BodogLife.com are operating individually, and there is no domain redirect from either side. According to a recent press release by Morris Mohawk who owns the marketing rights of Bodog in North America

This settlement ends the series of 1st Technology’s lawsuits addressing the alleged use of patents in the 1st Technology portfolio. The settlement also resolves 1st Technology’s judgment collection efforts.’ Patents for what the press release calls ‘advanced media products’ are included in the settlement and deal with transmission of data through mediums such as telephones, WiFi, and cable

Back in 2007 Bodog lost the domain as part of the patent infringement lawsuit, which resulted in quick actions from the company to transfer its operations to another domain. Alwyn Morris, the head of Morris Mohawk Gaming Group is realistic to move on with the business as usual after the settlement, according to him We are pleased to have worked constructively with 1st Technology and its principals to bring an end to this protracted dispute. This resolution will provide certainty and will also allow us to continue to enhance our technology base for online gaming in order to provide our users with unfettered access to the best technology.

Arrangements between Bodog and Morris Mohawk for the marketing rights in North America region started in September of 2007, after just one month Bodog found itself on the loosing side of a $48 million default judgment and they quickly moved to newbodog.com and later on to bodoglife.com.

More interestingly the case might head to the Kentucky Supreme Court as no indication has been provided about whether bodog.com will replace bodoglife.com in the suit. The case involved the seizure and potential forfeiture of above 140 Internet gambling domain names in Kentucky, which has bodoglife.com specifically listed, but bodog.com is not there.

Bodog Casino March Madness Blackjack

Leave it to BodogLife Casino to combine a true casino classic like Blackjack with a true sports classic like March Madness®. Their newly themed Bracket Buster Blackjack game really does deliver the best of both worlds directly to your computer. As strange as it may seem, the two have more in common than you think.

Like NCAA basketball, Blackjack is a game of runs. One minute you’ve got five bucks, the next minute you’re sitting pretty with stacks of cash. That’s why, just like any NCAA squad competing in the NCAA Tournament, you’ve got to stay focused and believe you can win; a positive, determined approach to your game will likely yield huge rewards.

March Madness® has plenty of comebacks, and if you stick to your guns you’ll have just as many at the Blackjack tables.

Like John Wooden, Blackjack has Got Plenty of Strategy

What made legendary UCLA Basketball coach John Wooden one of the greatest head coaches of all time? He had his own winning strategy (called the Pyramid of Success) that he never wavered from; regardless of the situation.

Every Blackjack player should take a cue from Hall of Famer John Wooden and find his or her own strategy ‚¬ and stick with it.

Take your Blackjack game to a new level and try playing it in a newfangled, March Madness®-related way. Head over to the Bodog Casino now to check out their new Bracket Buster-themed blackjack table.

If you have any questions about the Bodog Casino Blackjack experience, feel free to contact Bodog’s 24/7 customer service center at 1-866-234-1324 or send their customer service center an email to get all the goods on what promises to be another great run for the NCAA Tournament Championship.

March Madness is a registered trademark of the March Madness Athletic Association L.L.C., and the use of this mark is for reference purposes only. The appearance of such mark does not, expressly or by implication, connote endorsement or sponsorship of any product or service by the March Madness Athletic Association L.L.C.

The inauguration of Bodog Online Gaming Casino

With online sports book featuring mobile staking as an every day routine task Bodog Mobile Casino is considered to be one of the best among all the contenders. Now the Bodog online casino’s customers don’t require the assistance of their computers or laptops they can utilize their mobile phones to sign into their player account information while they are on the move provided that they have previously registered in at the Bodog Online Casino site. Offering a comprehensive list of devices the odds are that you can take advantage of this innovative new feature on your mobile phone or a personal digital assistant anywhere in the world as long as you are not in Canada.

Demanding no fee pre requisites for download or use Bodog Mobile Casino however does need its clients to register an account with Bodog if real cash is at stake.

Campaigning to further develop their technological amenities Bodog Casino dares to tread on the challenging road to the future. Offering additional table games, video poker, slots and more, Bodog has swiftly established its name among the distinctive big players present in the mobile gaming arena.
Morris Mohawk the gaming group CEO stated that the defining characteristics of Bodog have been its urge for innovation and ingenuity which evolved its projects into unparalleled creations. Unlike any other gaming site Bodog is distinctly ahead of its time and with the release of Bodog Mobile it has developed another benchmark in its ongoing evolution and dedication to providing its esteemed players with a luxurious and fulfilling online and mobile gaming experience.

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