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Slot-O-Matic slot pays out a massive jackpot once again

With the new week shining bright for one player the three-dimensional virtual Casino WinADay.com is proud to award the second ever progressive jackpot courtesy of its new Slot-O-Matic slot game. Recently launched in late-January Slot-O-Matic has proved itself to be one of the most popular and sought after slot game at WinADay.com. WinADay.com is branded as one of a kind instant-play Flash online casino and is currently offering six real money slot machines and video poker games featured at Slotland.com. The Slot-O-Matic is a painlessly interesting game promoting a one payline three-button slot technology which allows the player to easily participate without having to wait for the downloads to complete.

Following the legacy of the Italian competitor more famously known as ‚¬ËœMonica68′ who won a whopping $148,724 playing her luck at the Wheeler Dealer Slot title on January 23rd ,an online player who goes by the name of  ‚¬Ëœ123jaki’ also won a staggering amount of prize money worth $159,660 all due to playing at WinADay.com.

After standing triumphant in hitting the jackpot 123jaki stated that the uniquely built Slot-O-Matic is quite unproblematic and she was day dreaming when the six figure number appeared on the screen. She had to get her husband to verify the facts for her as she couldn’t believe she had actually won the jackpot. She is still so ecstatic from the experience that it is still quite hard for her to fathom such a win.

Showcasing an animated lobby the WinADay animated casino also features the staff that can answer you everyday queries regarding their products and also directs players to their game with all of its six machines tied to the same progressive jackpot. Ondrej Tuma from WinADay.com commented that the statistics clearly state that every player has tried the Slot-O-Matic at least once and most players are prone to taking a few rounds on it every time they visit the site. In accordance with that Ondrej also states that since it’s an easy game beginners enjoy it a lot but it is even loved by the much more experienced players transforming it into a portal of fun and entertainment. Proving its worth and popularity last week Slotland online casino

 is one of the most popular online slots and video poker site that controls WinADay.com and quite recently they write a cheque for a ground breaking win worth $211,000 .

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