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Blackjack Bonuses

Blackjack bonuses are those bonuses that work on the online casino game of Blackjack. To avail the blackjack bonus you need to clear a wagering requirement by playing blackjack and its variants. Many online casinos don't give blackjack and players that chance, because the house edge on those two games is so low. That is why you must have seen that most of the match bonuses offered at the online casino allow to play all games except blackjack written on their bonus offers.

It is because blackjack play doesn't qualify to meet the playthrough requirements of the deposit bonus offer. Some sites go so far as to restrict play to the slot machines, or the slots and a handful of other games, like keno and specialty games.

House Edge and Wagering Requirements on Bonuses

The house edge is the percentage of the money you wager that the casino expects to win from you. Most casino games have a house edge of as low as 0.50% for games like blackjack or as much as 10% or more for games like slots. If you played a game with a house edge of 1%, then you would be expected to lose $1 for every $100 you bet on that game.

If an online casino only allows players to clear the wagering requirement by playing slots, then you find a game with a 5% house edge. For every $100 you wager, you'll lose $5. If you were to wager $10,000, you would expect to lose $500. So if you were given a $500 and you would be expected to lose $500 on the playthrough, the average player would never cash out the bonus money.

Some of the casinos have liberal wager requirements. Some of the Playtech casinos will have a separate slots bonus and "casino games bonus". In these cases, the slots bonus is usually for $4000 or $5000 at 100%, while the blackjack bonus is worth $1000.

What are Blackjack Bonuses

A blackjack bonus is simply an offer that an online casino gives to its players usually in order to get you to sign up for an account. As said above most online casinos give a 100% bonus based on the size of your first deposit up to a certain amount. However, you can’t immediately just claim your bonus money and cash it out. If that were the case the online casinos would be out of business.

Bonus money must be used in real money games before you can cash it out. The best black jack bonuses are ones with low playthough requirements. Some online casinos will try to make it hard for you to earn a bonus by requiring you to wager your bonus money more than 50 times the original amount. The best blackjack casino bonuses are ones with playthough rates of 30 and below.

Let’s say you get a bonus of $100 from the casino. If they have a playthough rate of 10x you’ll need to wager $1,000 to cash out any bonus winnings. In blackjack this is easy to do because of the low house edge. Your winnings over a period a few hours will provide enough of a bankroll to meet this requirement.

Another great thing about getting bonus money for playing blackjack real money online is that you don’t have to only spend it at the blackjack table. Once the bonus money is in your online casino account you can go to the craps table, play keno, or take a shot at a large slot machine jackpot.

The popularity of online blackjack is that many sites are generous with bonuses. In fact, some players are able to beat the house edge when they combine skilled play with blackjack bonuses.

Types of Blackjack Bonuses

Online casinos offer different types of bonuses to its players. Not all bonuses are structured to give you an increased winning chance when using them on blackjack games and it is worth noting that some casinos will not permit you to play blackjack with their bonus offers due to the low house edge nature of blackjack games All you need is to first understand the rules and know the terms and conditions associated with these bonuses.

Cash Back Blackjack Bonuses – These are the best valued casino bonus that are offered to regular players and are mostly not available to the new players in their sign up offers When you make use of any cash back blackjack bonus you are going to receive back a percentage of your losses when playing blackjack for real money within a certain time frame. It will always be the case that the percentage of your losses that are going to be returned to you will determine whether these types of offers are worth claiming.

Any blackjack cash back bonus that gives you over 25% of your combined losses back is worth taking a close look at, but make sure the cash back that is awarded is going to be free from any play through requirements and will be credited to your casino account as cash funds and not bonus credits.

Deposit Match and Reload Bonuses 

Most deposit match or reload bonuses are going to allow you to at least double the value of your deposited amount. These are the most commonly available bonus offers given away to both new and existing players at any online casino site. However, if you do find a bonus offer giving you at least 100% of your deposited amount as bonus funds and that bonus can be used on the casinos range of blackjack games then make sure the volume of cash you have to wager on those games is a low one.

For some bonuses may seem very good value, but you could soon discover that a bonus which is structured as a high valued and high percentage deposit match bonus will force you to have to play through your bonus and often your deposited amount a huge number of times before you can cash out any winnings achieved.

Those bonuses which come with the very lowest play through requirements which give you the largest percentage in bonus funds are going to be the ones you need to track down and utilize. But if you are the type of playing who when you win likes to cash out straight away, then avoid taking such a bonus as you are only going to be able to withdraw any winning achieved with bonus funds once you have exceed the listed play through requirements.

No Deposit Blackjack Bonuses 

You often find that no deposit bonuses are offered to new players as a sign up bonuses too. But you need to understand the terms and read them carefully before going for these bonuses. There is often a maximum stake amount that you can play for when using a no deposit bonus offer and you will always find there is a maximum payout cap n place on those bonus funds, which means you are only every going to only be able to win a certain amount with those bonuses.

Plus many no deposit blackjack bonuses will come with an enormous play through requirement, so large in fact that you will have very little or no chance of ever making it to a position in your no risk blackjack playing sessions where you are at a point where you have cleared the play through requirements and can cash out any winnings.

So only ever make use of one of these bonuses if the casino site you are playing at is fully licensed and regulated, comes with a good reputation and much more importantly has a reasonable set of rules regarding how you can play off your free bonus funds.

How Online Blackjack Bonuses Work

The way you earn each blackjack bonus will largely depend on the specific type of reward you’re chasing. For example, a signup bonus requires you to wager the bonus amount (and maybe deposit amount) a certain amount of times. A common requirement here involves needing to wager the bonus multiplied by the deposit 20 times over (or more) before it’s yours.

If you compare these bonuses with VIP points, which are given to players based on the frequency of their play like if you earned 2 VIP points for every $1 wagered at the blackjack table, all you have to do is make bets and the points will roll in. Once you have the VIP points, you’ll often be able to exchange these for cash.

Online blackjack bonuses are given out as soon as players start playing real money blackjack hands. There is no visiting the casino’s front desk or talking to the pit boss in order for your play to be tracked; instead, you just begin playing real money games and racking up rewards right away.

Many online casinos can vary in the manner that their bonuses are redeemed; however, it is generally the same processes. Once you picked your casino and the bonus that you want to use, you’ll need to go to the cashier or banking area of the casino. From there, you will enter in your bonus code and then proceed to make a deposit.

Here find some wonderful blackjack bonuses that you can avail at the reputed online casinos and play safe and secure game of Blackjack.

Blackjack Bonuses

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