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Live Dealer Online Casinos

Live Dealer casinos are those casinos that make you play with a live person specially the casino table games. Since the online casinos came into existence, people wanted to have a feel and experience of a land based casino through internet technology and that happened when Live dealer games were introduced.

You must have wondering as how live dealer casino games work. These games work in a different way to the standard online games. Rather than using computerized graphics to simulate what happens in a real casino, they actually feature real dealers operating on real tables. Each gaming table is set up in just the same way as it would be in a land based casino, and each dealer runs their table just as they would if they were working in such a venue.

These dealers don't have players on the other side of the tables though – they have cameras. These cameras are constantly filming the action as it takes place, and broadcasting it in real time over the web.

Once you register yourself at the online casino and open your real money account you can join the live dealer casino and enter the game. You can then take your virtual seat and watch the action on your computer screen, and then effectively just play remotely.

Live dealer games you can choose to play

The Live dealer games you can choose to play are mostly table games like Live dealer Baccarat; Live dealer Roulette, Live dealer Blackjack; Live dealer Sic Bo, Live Casino Hold’em and even some online sites offer Live dealer Craps. Once you choose which live dealer casino game you wish to play then you need to select how much to stake and, where relevant, what you want to bet on and what actions you want to take. For example, in live roulette you choose which numbers you want to bet on and how many chips you want to put on each selection.

The dealers will act according to your instructions where necessary. For example, in live blackjack they will deal you another card when you choose to hit. Your online balance will be adjusted according to the results, and that is really all there is to it.

So you will find that playing at Live dealer casinos are much more convenient and you can play whenever you want. Also there are lots of bonuses and rewards that are offered by the Live dealer online casinos and win fabulous prizes. The main thing is that you feel like you are playing in a land casino as the live dealer interacts and keeps communicating with you as the game progresses and is a fun filled environment.

Also you do not need to download any software as you can play the live dealer games directly through your web browser. Most online casinos allow you to play their standard games for free, but you usually have to play for real money if you're playing at the live dealer tables. This is probably because they have a limited number of tables available, and they want to keep the spaces for those playing for real.

Some online casinos allow you to even tip the dealers though it is up to you so you feel like you are dealing the dealer as in land casino. Live dealer casinos are now available at almost all online casinos and have become very popular. You can watch the live dealer physically dealing the cards, or spinning the roulette wheel.

The only thing you need to look at when selecting a live dealer casino to play is that the casino has great selection of games to offer and has some great bonuses for players. Here are the best live dealer casinos you can choose to play some live dealer games and enjoy.

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