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Mac Casinos

Mac casinos are online casinos that work on Mac devices. Earlier online casinos were compatible only with Windows PC. Most games were download based and the software of these casinos came in downloadable format as .exe files which worked only with Windows computers.

Also the Apple-compatible instant online Flash and Java games of online casinos were originally extremely limited, being small in number and for a long time only working well with Internet Explorer rather than Chrome, Safari or Firefox. So players that wanted the full online casino game selection for Mac had to struggle around with complicated things like Virtualbox, Bootcamp, or other virtual Windows emulators. These programs slowed the computer down and also were major hassle.

Therefore to avoid such difficulties many online casinos now offer Mac casinos. There are a wide variety of casinos that offer Flash versions of their software or specific Mac online casino software. If an online Mac casino does not offer a Flash version of their software, they typically offer a Java version - which is also compatible with Macintosh computers.

You can now play casino games on your MacBookPro or MacBook Air, the fact that Apple casinos don’t require any downloading. This saves space on your hard disk, also it prevents the risk of downloading viruses and are more secure to play as with Mac online casinos where all games are played via the web browser this risk is decreased significantly.

Playing Casino games online on a Mac Device

You can play online casino games on your Mac device by a native Mac compatible casino download and an instant play or no download software. The Mac compatible casino games range from slots to roulette, blackjack, craps, arcade games, and many other games found at online casinos.

The games can be played on the browser via an add installation. They are mostly accessible via the instant play version of the casino software. This means that with a single click on the Instant Play button of an online casino through the Safari browser, you gain access to the full range of games from your Mac. Alternatively, you can download the online casino software and run it on the Mac computer using a Windows emulator.

Here are some of the ways with which you can access online casino games:

  • Mac Desktop Client - Most Mac users prefer playing online casino games using the Mac desktop client, as it is dedicated and simple to download and install.
  • Boot Camp - Boot camp is an internal Mac program that allows a user to run one operating system within another. This means that you can install Windows and have it running within your Mac. It then becomes possible to play online casino games by downloading them onto the Windows "computer". There is a small hitch with this well-designed Boot Camp- every switch between the Windows and Mac requires a reboot.
  • Parallels Desktop - With Parallels Desktop, you can run Mac and Windows simultaneously. There is no rebooting when switching between the operating systems and transferring files between the two systems is as easy as if it were one system. This option is your ideal solution when Boot Camp fails to meet your needs.
  • VW Fusion - This is more or less similar to Parallels, the only difference being that Fusion comes at a lower price, is easier to install, and its integration of Windows programs is tighter.
  • Internet Browser - With the no download casinos, you only require the right browser such as Safari browser. No download casinos are browser-based versions of online casinos, which are usually independent of any operating system.

There is no difference in Mac casinos as you will find the same games selection, bonuses and promotions as well as online transaction at the online casino to play games is also same as well. You will find awesome graphics and slick interface as Apple Mac is probably the best operating system Also Mac casinos are run on dedicated servers due to their relatively small number, which means the game play is super fast and the customer service is dedicated.

The number of Mac casinos is continuing to grow as the Apple Macintosh computers become more and more popular. As a result, more casino software developers are providing gaming platforms that are compatible with the operating system. Here are the list of best Mac casinos where you can play and enjoy some great bonuses, huge payouts and great games too.

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