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Copyright & Disclaimer is dedicated in providing you with all the latest information on online casinos, Games and Tournaments, latest gambling and gaming news and events and much more. You will find great information to enhance your experience, including latest casino bonus information, reviews of casinos and guides for games. We strive to consistently offer you up to date information while being fair and ethical with our practices.

By accessing this site, you agree to adhere to our terms and conditions of the site itself and we reserve the right to alter these conditions at any time. It is recommended that you visit the page often to see the newest updates.

You are accessing our online casino sites as mentioned in articles at your own risks. To confirm any information that is offered, you will have to contact the listed casino for verification.

Bonus eligibilities are your responsibility and you are urged to contact the casino regarding bonuses or promotions. We are not responsible for any information on bonuses and how they apply to any player. We have made great efforts to ensure that information presented is accurate and up to date. However, you are responsible for verifying any information with the online casino itself.

Gambling Gazette tries to provide complete, accurate, and current information. If you should observe any incomplete or inaccurate information, we would appreciate being notified.

Gambling Gazette assumes no legal responsibility for errors or omissions in these materials. We do not take responsibility for the content of any third party links on this site. We do not control such websites. It is your responsibility to verify any third party information at the source which may lead to action on your part.

Under-Age Gambling

To access online casinos listed, you must ensure that you are following local gambling laws. This includes being of legal age to gamble in your jurisdiction. It is your sole responsibility to comply with all online gambling laws.

It is absolutely against the law to gamble if you are under the age of 18. Secondly, it is against our own Terms of Use. Gambling Gazette is opposed to gambling by minors and would like to prevent it.

Responsible Gambling

Also we encourage you as a player to also realise the truths about online gambling. All information that is provided at this site is for entertainment purposes and there are no guarantees of any real money payouts or winnings.

There is no situation in which we will be held liable for any damagers of losses due to online gambling. These liabilities are your responsibility as a player.

All losses that are incurred at any casino online will be your responsibility when playing a game. We do not guarantee any winnings. You must accept the terms of losses that can be incurred while betting. Gambling gazette will not be responsible for any discrepancies between you and any gambling site or any Casino site that is accessed from the links mentioned at this site.

Gambling is addictive. If you need help with a gambling problem please contact your local helpline in your country or city. Here is a list of some help lines in North America and Europe.

You agree to access this site at your own risk and use the information for your personal purposes. Gambling gazette will not guarantee any site from being free of damaging properties or viruses. We are also not responsible for the security levels at the casino.

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