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Microgaming Jackpots

Microgaming progressive jackpots are quite popular among all the gambling players especially the Mega Moolah jackpot and the Major Millions.The total some up of Microgaming jackpots equal $5,377,881.

You can see the available jackpots in dollars but you can also win and claims these jackpots in other currencies. The slot games are also availble in multi languages. In the table below, we feature all microgaming jackpots and thei current value. We've also selected the jackpots that are due to crack.

Microgaming Jackpots

Play Now! Jackpot Game Current Value Average Win Biggest Win Average Time Last Won
Play Now! $11,573.74 $30,839.24 $107,230.16 6d, 6h 2d, 20h ago
Play Now! $6,186.34 $25,087.38 $72,385.84 16d, 4h 5d, 20h ago
Play Now! $5,277.58 $14,612.95 $32,875.90 26d, 12h 1mo, 17d ago
Play Now! $41,069.10 $45,058.91 $66,062.78 1mo, 23d 29d, 20h ago
Play Now! $14,414.48 $21,182.30 $94,847.17 26d, 16h 9d, 20h ago
Play Now! $45,417.54 $112,372.13 $360,508.28 22d, 4h 7d, 20h ago
Play Now! $85,972.82 $114,961.85 $170,062.17 10mo, 26d 3mo, 1d ago
Play Now! $39,530.63 $36,036.20 $104,281.16 1mo, 1d 1mo, 2d ago
Play Now! $59,256.38 $63,419.70 $143,407.80 8mo, 9d 8mo, 24d ago
Play Now! $390,910.88 $578,808.69 $1,373,388.88 4mo, 2d 9d, 20h ago
Play Now! $73,944.07 $440,289.03 $440,289.03 - 2mo, 21d ago
Play Now! $594,518.44 $583,108.75 $1,522,981.25 8mo, 12d 2mo, 13d ago
Play Now! $34,885.70 $58,911.66 $72,440.68 5mo, 4d 16d, 20h ago
Play Now! $216,042.12 $144,253.75 $226,867.42 2mo, 9d 2mo, 27d ago
Play Now! $10,994,423.00 $3,230,987.75 $7,559,178.00 3mo, 18d 4mo, 26d ago
Play Now! $10,115.80 $37,393.20 $102,737.59 6d, 0h 2d, 20h ago


Must progressive slots available at Microgaming casinos are available to play in 5 reel or 3 reel versions with a varying number of paylines.
Make sure you know how your slot jackpot is triggered, as the top prize may only be attainable on a max coin bet or on a certain payline.

Current Value: It refers to the current value of the jackpot while the game is being played.

Average Win: It refers to the average size of jackpot when it get a hit based on the whole year statistics.

Biggest Win: It refers to the jackpot amount which is one of the biggest with in the whole year.

Average Time: It refers to the time spend while playing the game and the jackpot got a hit.

Last Won: It refers to the last it was won with in the weeks or hours.