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10 most popular ways to betting on hockey you see

If you've been keeping tabs on the NHL season, you might as well try betting on hockey. Youll find out there are more ways than one to hit it big. Here is the top ten.


1. Keep your eyes wide open on the scorer and watch out for the next goal

If you happen to be watching it live, you will witness a commotion between the press reporters after the first goal is given the score. While waiting for them to settle, you can cast a pool with your buddies. This is also offered through selected sports-books. Rinse and repeat.

2.Do the Grand Salami and have a taste of thrill

Avid fans of NHL can attest to this. This over or under wager wont be popular for no reason. Over the course of the game, you will enjoy the thrills as the action unfolds. Of course you need to stay wide-awake until the final scores are laid out.

3. 3-Way Money Line

This bet lets you select your winning favourite towards the end of regulation. In case youre not in favour of the price on the regular money line, then go for the 3-way.

4. The Puck

This bet is the closest one you can have when spreading your bets over a basketball. (It isnt easy to pull this off with hockey though).

5. Who gets penalised?

When betting among your friends, you can write down whose player is likely going to get a penalty. The one who made the right assumption wins.

6. 3 goals challenge

In here, you just need to select a team, which you think is the first to reach the 3 goals.

7.Over and under

Who doesnt bet in over and under? Betting on hockey is no exception. It can be just as exciting as any other sports betting game out there.

8. Just like the whistle-blower

Looking for more entertainment? Wager on what the whistle calls for. It can mean so many things in hockey. You can bet on any of these plus even more so.

  • A goal

  • A penalty

  • A net losing its alignment

  • An injury

  • A puck somewhere on the board

  • A high-stick

  • A puck getting out of the ice

  • An offside whistle

9. That famous money line wager

Of course, you can do money line betting with hockey as well, need we say more?

10. Better yet, get enough friends on board and use a bucket or a cup to pass on with one another

This is derived from the classic baseball betting. You just need to throw in your money inside the bucket and pass it on to the person beside you. As soon the team scores a goal, the one holding the bucket takes home the cash. Start over again until everyone gets his or her share. (Maximum of 5-6 participants).



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