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Explore the Oldest Casinos In the World

Freshly constructed mega-casinos may be stealing the show, but they cant match the charm of the worlds oldest casinos. Unlike the new venues, the oldest casinos in the world are bursting at the seams with heritage. Risking everything, they helped pioneer one of the most vibrant industries in the world. In many ways constructing them was the ultimate gamble, since it defied the leading religious institutions. In the end it paid off, since these venues flourished. They became models for countless other casinos that have popped up around the world.

Now that the industry is inundated with new venues, its time to reflect on the classic casinos. They bravely brought gambling out of dingy bars into the public spotlight. This was a remarkable transition, since it allowed guests to experience true luxury while playing their favorite games. Now that everyone can enjoy the magic of gambling, the focus is shifting towards the casinos that made this possible.

The first venues revolutionized gambling, so they deserve recognition from any respectable player. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the oldest casinos in the world. They are still captivating visitors to this day, so make sure to include them in your next trip!

Meet the Oldest Casinos Still Operating

[caption id="attachment_16221" align="alignnone" width="600"]Oldest Casinos This casino ended up saving Monaco from bankruptcy![/caption]

Casino #3: Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco Founded in 1856, this casino wasnt opened until 1863. This seven year delay was attributed to a number of incompetent entrepreneurs. The shrewd, business obsessed wife of Prince Florestan I, Princess Caroline came up with the idea to build the casino. The House of Grimaldi was facing bankruptcy, so they scrambled to come up with an idea to raise funds. Two towns, Menton & Roquebrune, had recently broken free from Monaco. This created a massive loss of tax revenue for the royal family, so they put all their energy into founding this casino.

Even though it was a good idea, finding the right managers was a daunting task. First the princess hired businessman Napoleon Langlois & Albert Aubert to develop the casino. They failed to make a profit, so they were forced to cede their rights to Frossard de Libonne. Libonne ended up passing it on to Pierrre Auguste Daval in 1857. Thanks to the help of a Parisian architect, the new casino started making a profit in 1859. Unfortunately, Daval was extremely incompetent & failed to meet Princess Carolines standards.

Desperate to revive this casino, Princess Caroline turned to prominent entrepreneur Franois Blanc. He teamed up with the Bishop of Monaco & future Pope Leo XIII to raise 15 million francs. Armed with the cash, they ended up transforming the casino building in 1878. In under a year, they created one of the most stunning casinos in Europe. Its architecture is incredible, so dont miss it on your next trip!

[caption id="attachment_16220" align="alignnone" width="600"]Oldest Casinos Explore the most beautiful casino in the world.[/caption]

Casino #2: Kurhaus Casino, Baden-Baden Built in 1766, this casino has been a magnet for European royal families. Nestled on the outskirts of Germanys Black Forest, this venue has been named the most beautiful casino in the world. It features extravagant gaming rooms, banquet halls, gardens, philharmonic orchestra & a spa resort. All these features have made it a must see for anyone traveling through Germany.

[caption id="attachment_16219" align="alignnone" width="600"]Oldest Casinos This establishment made history 400 years ago![/caption]

Casino #1: Casin di Venezia, Italy Operating since 1638, this is easily the oldest casino in the world. It was originally built as a residence for a local royal family, but eventually became a revered place for the elite to gamble. For centuries, it was the only venue where people could legally gamble openly. Now its a symbol of how far casinos have come, since it features both modern & historic surprises!



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