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Will Online Gambling Take Over Brick & Mortar Casinos?

Are mobile casinos overwhelming physical casinos? Here's how online gambling is complementing the US gambling industry.

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Online gambling and mobile casinos have experienced immense growth in the United States. Industry pundits at the East Coast Gaming Congress and iGaming Institute in Atlantic City have converged to trade insights on why mobile is crucial tool in sustaining the growth of online gambling in the country. Online gambling executives have shared their thoughts on why the market is growing but still hasn't reached its full potential.

The surprising thing about online casinos is that it's not sabotaging physical casinos at all. Mobile gambling is actually one of the linchpins for online casino players to visit and play at a land-based casino. Luisa Woods, Director of Internet Marketing at Tropicana Casino, says that while they are seeing massive growth in mobile casino gaming, it doesn't interfere with its land-based operations and has even complemented the gaming habits of their customers. Players who visit their physical casinos continue to play at home using their mobile devices.

Online Gambling's Biggest Challenge

gambling ban

Three US states namely New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada brought $160.7 million in 2015, where online gambling is legal in these states. According to Spectrum Gaming Group, New Jersey has the biggest marketing at $148 million; Nevada is estimated to rake in around $10 million in their poker-only marketing.

Industry executives believe that there is still room for growth and progress. The key here is to how to market the concept of online casinosand how to ensure the security issues that surround the industry. 888 Holdings' senior VP, Itai Pazner, was asked by customs agents on his way to the conference, when he mentioned that he's on his way to an online gambling conference, customs officers asked "Is online gambling legal in New Jersey?" This only proves that most people aren't familiar with the legality concerns over this type of gambling. People need to be educated if it's legal or illegal, and even the pros and cons it brings to a specific state or community.

Will Mobile Complement Online Gambling's Growth?

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One of the threats that online gambling is facing is the imminent legislative ban in the United States. Ironically, casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson is strongly opposing the proliferation of Internetgambling operations in the country. Aside from this proposed legislative ban, another major challenge is getting the approval of other states in increase prize pools for online poker.

Pazner says, poker without enough liquidity isn't viable, and the US needs more states to legalize online gambling and to increase markets as well. Europe has embraced mobile casinos and Internetgambling already, and is deemed a sustained industry. The gamechanger for online gambling in the US would be to increase its marketing expenditures on mobile in order to increase players, and perhaps, to complement its advocacy to be approved in other American states. Social media usage is increasing annually as well, with this in mind; there are numerous platforms and channels where the industry can encourage more growth in numbers.



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