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Want to Win Big in 2017? Know These Online Gambling Trends

Do you want to win big this year? Let these online gambling trends be your guide.

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Casino games and online gamblingenjoyed a great year last 2015, and it's looking to grow even larger this year. The popularity of these games have gained popularity which will have a lasting impact in the casino industry.

Online gamblingsites enables users to play virtual versions of Live Poker, Roulette, and Blackjack to name a few. The US gambling market is already estimated to be worth $240 billion. We are now seeing fierce competition among online casino game developers not only in the US but in the UK and Australia as well.

Here are some trends that will be even bigger this 2016:

Virtual Currency


Etherium, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and other crypto currencies are enabling people to trade online around the world. The most notable advantage of these virtual currencies is that players can avoid fees in currency conversion. So if someone in Sydney intends to place a bet in New York then virtual currency makes it a seamless process.

Mobile Virtual Gaming

virtual casino gaming headset

Mobile gaming has been the gamechanger for the entire gambling industry. As mobile usage continue to increase, the demand for online casino apps increase as well. The latest gamechanging trend this year would be mobile virtual gaming, wherein a player can easily strap on a virtual headset and experience a unique online casino gaming experience.

More Women Gamblers

More women players at the casino

Starting from 2015, the online gambling has a tendency of an increasing number ofwomen players. The most active audience is considered as women of up to 35 years. They prefer a private game via a mobile device without fear of being mocked by the male players.

Online casinos are addressing to women gamblers with their their promo campaigns designed specifically for this audience like offers from Cameo Casino or 888Ladies, and others. The trend will continue in 2017, and a number of women among gamblers will only increase. The trend of a significant increase in participation of female players making use of the services of online casinos took a huge upward turn and statistics show that in the U.S alone, the number of women gambling has risen to 40%, and in the U.K to a whopping 49%.

This shift of clientele means that online casinos are already tailoring their software and services to cater for female players. Some casinos have gone to the extent of creating a platform that revolves entirely around female players.

Multiple Accounts

The online casino industry is growing every year, this growth makes the market more competitive when users download one game after another. This scenario will also make way for the multiple player accounts trend that will be a solution to a specific sport compared to others and will depend on the offering. For instance, an online casino may offer +20% winnings on a Tuesday, so players will use this game on that day and maybe hop on another casino portal the next day.

Fantasy and e Betting


Fantasy betting continues to be more popular as more players use mobile devices to access gambling portals. It has become a multi-million dollar market where you can expect game developers to offer more money as bonuses. Fantasy betting like NFL and NBA games has made the gambling world an exciting place thanks to the increasing mobile usage.

Also 10 years ago nobody took eSports seriously. Things changed in 2011, when the first international tournament with $1.6M prize fund was holded. In 2016 the same tournament prize fund reached $20M and betting skyrockets immediately. At the moment whole bunch of eSports betting websites existed and the industry keep growing and prospering. It should be noted that there are only three main games worth betting??Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and DotA 2.

Socializing Through Games

Social game

The gambling market modifies services, offering new forms of familiar games. In recent years, there has been a trend towards socialization and mobilization of game content. Users enjoy playing through social networks and mobile gadgets, that is why operators have turned their attention to this sector and successfully monetize their offers.

Social games suggest an opportunity to play with friends, compete, participate in tournaments and competitions, interact and communicate online. The last trendy games of Free To Play format are available to play for free. However, in order to win and get ahead, it is necessary to purchase special goods to strengthen the capabilities. The trend towards socialization will be going on within current year.

Use of Alternative Options to Cash

Theres also been a strong increase in third-party companies offering payment services for casino players. This is expected to increase in the near future even further. As online casinos has problems due to different legislations regarding the gambling as some countries allow land based gambling houses, but prohibit their online format by blocking such sites and impose huge fines for violation of the ban. It is impossible to completely ban online gambling: players use special programs replacing the IP address and gaining access to such resources. In this case they pay for services with credit and debit cards of international standard. Also digital currencies are the best alternative options to fund your casino account.



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