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Say Bingo to Jackpots- The Bingo Prizes to Win

Jackpot Bingo

Bingo game is enjoyed by players both online and offline and they can win good jackpot payouts. There are mainly two types of jackpot games that can be played and these include a preset jackpot game and a progressive game. Both of these can offer some amazing payouts to real money players and make playing bingo online even more exciting.

Preset Bingo Jackpot

Jackpot Bingo

Preset jackpots are offered to players who get a special kind of bingo pattern, or Full House wins. Also, there can be blackout jackpot prizes for certain number of houses.

For Full House wins, one has to daub all the numbers of the card. Preset jackpots are all about certain pre-decided and declared amounts, so every player who is buying the card knows the win that may come to them. Every online bingo site has its own price for cards, but for small amounts like $1, one can actually win huge jackpots, often in thousands of dollars. For qualifying for the preset jackpots, bingo sites often ask players to buy a certain number of cards.

How the Jackpot is paid

A preset bingo jackpot is typically paid out when players complete a certain pattern or a coverall when they are playing. This jackpot amount will be specified and will be a set amount. The amount of the jackpot will not increase regardless of how many players are playing the game. This lets players know exactly what they could win with the game before it even starts.

Progressive Bingo Jackpot

Jackpot Bingo

Progressive Bingo is liked by many as here you can win more. You know a preset amount for the jackpot on the start of the game here, but as the existing and new players keep buying cards, the jackpot increases. The progressive jackpot also has a certain number of blackouts that are needed to win the award, but the increment in the prize continues till someone wins the jackpot. There can be different progressive bingo games for different rooms, often offer choices to players with higher cards. You can find online casinos that offer progressive games on 75 and 90 ball versions. To win these progressives, you will have to get a blackout, or coverall within a certain number of balls called.

You can play Bingo at US online sites like Cyber Bingo, Bingo for money, South Beach Bingo, Bingo Hall, Bingo Billy, Bingo Sky and Bingo Fest. Among these Cyber Bingo and Bingo Hall are the best to enjoy the real Bingo play
Cyber Bingo gives you $25 no deposit bonus upon signing up. Also grab $1500 welcome bonus on first three deposits. Moreover, a lot of games are available, both paid and free so you have plenty of variations to choose from when you decide to play here and be part of a friendly community.

Bingo Hallstarts with a $25 one right when you sign up. There are plenty other offers available that you should check out, as well as the variety of bingo and side games.

Bingo prizes to win

Bingo Prizes to win

The usual prize at bingo is cash, that range from $50 or $100 for a simple bingo at a small hall all the way up to $1 million or more in special high-stakes games in casinos or US Bingo Halls. Other than cash the prize can also be a car, a trip, or even novelty prizes.
The size of the typical jackpot is based on how much money is coming in. Most halls are required to payout at least 50 to 60 percent of the money they take in. Likewise, the total money they can give out per game or session is often limited by state or local rules. In Georgia, for instance, halls can't give out more than $1,100 on a single night, though many states are more generous than that. Louisiana, for example, allows $4,500 per session.

[caption id="attachment_15569" align="aligncenter" width="606"]Bingo games at bingo Hall Play Bingo Games at Bingo Hall[/caption]

A progressive jackpot is a prize that keeps growing from game to game until somebody wins it. The house kicks off a progressive game by "seeding the pot" with an attractive amount of money like $500 instead of simply setting the jackpot as a percentage of card sales. To win the progressive, a player must have an extraordinary win, such as a blackout that is covering every space on a bingo card in only 49 balls. If no one wins, the house chips in extra money to sweeten the pot even more. The jackpot may get bumped up by $100 per game over a number of sessions or weeks.

Sometimes a progressive jackpot gets so big that the bingo hall by law has to cap it, and the prize stays at the same level until somebody wins. In some states, such as Michigan, there is no limit to how much money a player can win in progressive bingo.

Super Jackpots in Bingo

[caption id="attachment_15570" align="aligncenter" width="606"]Super Jackpots Super Jackpots in Bingo offer huge prizes[/caption]

The popularity of big prizes has allowed bingo to expand into more lucrative games.The most exciting new phenomenon in the bingo world is the spread of high-stakes games. There are literally dozens of halls that have games that promise to pay $50,000, $100,000, or even $1 million to some lucky winner. The jackpots are so high that some hall owners take out insurance policies so they won't go broke.

Some of the super-jackpots are set up to be "step games," where the game pays different amounts depending on how quickly the winner gets a blackout. For example, a blackout in 49 numbers might pay $50,000, while a blackout in only 45 numbers would earn $100,000. Because it's very hard to get a blackout in so few calls, it may be weeks or even months before anybody wins it.

The super-jackpots are usually winnable during certain sessions. For example, the Thunderbird Entertainment Center in Norman, Oklahoma, has a $100,000 payout game offered six sessions a week -- five nights and one afternoon. In order to win this or other super-jackpots, players usually have to get a special pattern within a certain number of calls, and then they may have to play another game of chance, like spinning a wheel or picking an envelope off a prize board.

As you can imagine, the odds of winning are pretty slim, so it may be weeks, months, or years before somebody gets that top prize. Then again, somebody could win it on the first game of the first session on the first day it's offered.

Players who hit a big bingo in a super-jackpot don't just walk away with a fat check. First, the bingo balls are collected and sent to an independent testing lab to make sure there has been no tampering, and the insurance company reviews a security videotape. The check is usually cut about 48 hours after the win. If the jackpot is less than $100,000, it may be paid out in a single lump sum, but larger jackpots are usually paid out in the form of yearly payments.

Satellite Bingo Jackpot

[caption id="attachment_15571" align="aligncenter" width="606"]Satellite Bingo Play Satellite Bingo to win huge Jackpots[/caption]

Satellite bingo is another way bingo halls can offer larger jackpots. This is a linked bingo game played simultaneously at bingo halls in a certain area. An outside company links the bingo halls by satellite (hence the name of the game!). The prizes in satellite bingo games are often much larger than what individual halls could offer. Satellite bingo is only found in certain states, such as Washington, where the top prize in evening games is $50,000.

It's important that you understand the basics of the game before you go to play such Bingo games. So you see Bingo is a very exciting game that can easily be enjoyed by any online player and with these added jackpot opportunities, bingo can be very lucrative game play. The game is offered at many leading casino sites and can always be found by accessing online bingo halls, featuring great games, side games, jackpots and even free bingo games for if you are not willing to wager for real money.



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