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Discover as Casino Deposit Method

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Discover Card as deposit option at online casinos is not much in use but still few casinos offer this mode of payment.  The Discover Card network has policies on international transactions which makes it harder to use them in online casinos. Discover Card assigns an “online gambling” merchant code to most online casino websites. This electronic code is attached to every credit card transaction the Discover Network makes. Most banks and financial institutions in the United States automatically reject transactions with this merchant code. For that reason real money players cannot use the Discover Card to make online casino deposits.

Whether it’s gaming or non-gaming transactions, international vendors do not accept Discover Card as often as Visa or MasterCard. Vendors pay slightly higher fees on Discover Card payments, so many vendors do not accept the payment method. The Discover Network has expanded its international presence with cross-acceptance partnerships, though. Discover Card is accepted where you see the logos for Diners Club anywhere in the world.

How to activate Discover Card for International Transactions

To activate Discover Card for international transactions, you’ll need to call your bank and enable the card for international transactions. This makes it easier for a casino to accept payments from your card. If you tell your bank to allow international transactions, the bank might waive this policy for your account specifically.

Activating international transactions is not a 100% solution, though it will make it easier to deposit at an online casino that takes Discover Card in a general sense. The decision is likely to be on a bank-by-bank basis, so you’ll need to ask questions yourself. Remember that every credit card association is a network of thousands of banks, which is why there are no hard-and-fast rules in so many cases.

How to Make a Casino Deposit Using Discover Card

Several ways exist to make casino deposits using Discover Card. Online casinos make it easy to pay once the player has signed-up. Casinos offer a full experience without downloads, using the “instant play” or Flash game option. Players can still download the casino software if they prefer to play from their computer.

Go the banking page of the online casino then locate the Deposits Page. For new players, the deposit menu will appear after you have signed up.  Then find the Discover Card Icon. This payment option should have a “Deposit Now” or “Deposit” link next to it. Click on this link.

The site should have step-by-step instructions to funding your account at this point. Select the option you want, fill in the valid information, and click “Next”. Once the process is done, make sure that the deposit amount is correct.

Using your charge card’s unique verification numbers, make the payment. Place the correct amount in the prompt box. Be prepared to use the 3-digit verification code on the back of the card, too. This will tell the casino that you are the owner of the card.

If you are having trouble, remember to log-in under your username and account. You’ll need either your Username or Email Address ready, along with your Password. Use the email address you input when you registered.

If any issues arise, contact the site’s cashier department. Online casinos offer Live Chat, email, toll-free faxes, and toll-free phone calls with their support staff. The quickest method is to talk to the cashier via Live Chat, which is a Skype-style method of instant messaging.

Be prepared to provide proof of identification, if you have never made a payment to a website before. This involves sending a proof of your snail mail address and your identity, usually sent via fax. Credit card information also needs to be provided. The proof of identity verification process is there to protect you from identity frauds.

Types of cards from Discover Card

There are three types of cards available from Discover. These include the following:

Cash Back

This is the company’s signature card, and the main selling point is that it offers money back on purchases. A 1% cash back amount is available for all transactions, and 5% is rewarded for rotating categories each quarter. There’s no annual fee to be a member, no late fee on your first delinquent payment, and foreign transactions carry no additional cost.


This travel credit card gives you 1.5 free miles for every dollar spent. The end of your first year as a cardholder delivers double points, and you can get up to $30 back each year on the in-flight purchase of Wi-Fi. As with the main card, there’s no annual fee or foreign transaction cost, and paying late won’t increase your annual percentage rate.


Intended for college-age customers, this card gives back 1% on all purchases. Quarterly transactions up to $1000 at gas stations and restaurants give 2% cash back, and this amount never expires. There’s no overlimit or annual fee, and you’ll receive a free FICO credit score on your monthly statement. The card is accepted at over 9 million merchants across the United States.

Discover Casino Deposit Bonuses

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