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Playtech Online Casinos

Playtech is one of the best online casino software platforms. It is very popular and used by many casinos. When it comes to developing online software for gaming and casino sites, the largest company is PlayTech.

PlayTech was formed in 1999 and has quickly grown into one of the top providers of software for online gaming sites. It is based in the Isle of Man, but it employs over 2,600 people in 9 countries around the world. PlayTech has a physical presence in United Kingdom, Israel, Bulgaria, Estonia, Ukraine, Philippines, Sweden, and Cyprus, but its games can be found in many other countries around the world. The company is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange.

One Stop Shopping

When sites need to find the software to run an online casino or gaming site, they can turn to PlayTech for smooth and rich game play. PlayTech has developed software that can be used for many purposes that include: Casino games, Sports betting, Online bingo, Casual Games, Back office software and Customer support software

Their software is designed to provide an online casino or gaming site with everything they need to satisfy their site’s visitors.

The Games

When it comes to games, the list of games that PlayTech offers is very impressive. Unlike other software developers that offer fewer than 100 games and try to introduce a dozen or more games every year, PlayTech has a library of over 500 games to offer and works to introduce more than 50 games every year.

The games they offer have very familiar themes thanks to licensing agreements with Marvel, HBO, MGM, and NBC Universal. That has allowed them to create many wekll known titles that include:

  • Spiderman
  • X-Men
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Chippendales

These games provide themes that people are familiar with, but that is only part of why the games are among the best. The graphics are superior and PlayTech offers many 3-D games. The animation for the games is also top notch and the games offer many great features that allow the players to be entertained as they play.

PlayTech games can be played in many formats. They games can be downloaded for those that want a full version of the casino. PlayTech also offers many games that can be played with the flash player for instant access and for mobile casinos for those that want to play on their favorite mobile or computer device. All the games offered have excellent graphics and audio no matter how they are played.

Besides great slot machines, PlayTech also offers table games for the casinos. They have the other much soughted casino games such as keno, video poker and video slots. Lottery games and bingo are also in the arsenal of PlayTech. PlayTech also has the software needed for sports betting.

PlayTech is one of the leaders in the online gaming industry. Whether a person wants to play for fun or for real money, they can turn to PlayTech. PlayTech makes sure their games are fair, safe and secure. They make sure their games comply with the rules and the regulations in the county they are used. They are committed to helping people learn about responsible gaming. They are the company that does things the right way.

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