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RTG Software

The Real Online Gaming Company: When a person thinks about gaming websites, he or she has many answers as there are thousands of websites that deal with games. But those who have any knowledge of the gaming websites, they would surely know that only a few are there that actually cater to all their demands and requirements. A very popular gaming website belongs to RTG Software.

Since 1998 there has been a steady increase in people’s interest in games and the industry. The best thing that RTG Software has done over the years is development of games to fill the needs of the ever growing gaming population. With each passing year they have made progress in improving the games. With almost 10 years in existence the company has moved on to become one of the most reputed gaming company and its website among the most highly rated in the industry.

If rankings of few gaming magazines are to be considered then this company has been a regular in the top 5 gaming companies over the years. An achievement! If you try this company, you would be surprised to find that there exists a company that even takes games seriously.

RTG Software

The software the company creates for gaming is extremely fast, simple to understand and to use. There are more than 20 in the download casino games section itself and the quality of those are simply of the highest order. Those who have used this online casino are bound to get a feeling as if it were for real. With two different software for casino and poker things really are on the upper side and they have been regular in adding games to their already existing long list.

Here is a list of some of the games they support.

7 Stud Poker: well this is what original poker really means as this game is primarily based on poker. Try it out if you think you can!
Baccarat: well involves six set of cards, a complex enough game. But once you get hold of the original concept you may well have a great time as the money associated with it is excellent.

  • 3 Reel Slots
  • 5 Reel Slots
  • Video Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Caribbean Poker
  • Caribbean 21
  • Craps
  • Face Up 21
  • Keno
  • Match play 21
  • Roulette

Progressive Games

Well after having taken through the list of some of the games, you must be wondering if there are progressive machines facilities in the website of RTG Software? Yes, there are options of being able to play slot machines. So even if you do not have good knowledge about the various games of casino you always stand a chance of winning quite some amount with the help of the progressive machines. This is what separates the RTG Software from other games they have games for all.

Play for Fun

RTG also gives players the option of playing for fun, so even if you do not want to spend money on the games you can play for fun. It has set trends in an industry which is very competitive and fast changing and whatever happens in this domain is changed the next moment. Gamers and casino owners constantly look for more innovation in this field of entertainment. The games are often customized by RTG according to the needs of the customers. It has emerged as a true leader in the field of interactive gaming and possible solutions.

The quality of the software is high end with back end integration which helps in operation. The operators can view the proceedings and the accessibility is adequate in this case. The reporting system is so advanced that any problems related to the network and compatibility will be reported on time for proper fixing.

Flash Games and Downloads

Both flash games and download versions are available which makes things pretty convenient for the consumers. Language and currency exchange support is also available which makes things very convenient. The company offers as many as 20 poker games online which are both exciting and popular. The company has truly emerged a winner in the gaming market. The company is on track of being the best in the business in quite a few years time.

Wondering if the software from RTG for online gaming would be downloadable on your PC? Well thanks to the makers’ they have made download possible in both Windows as well as Mac client, so whatever be your client you would have the privilege of playing online casino games. You can download the software whenever you feel like and enjoy an excellent game of casino sitting at your home.

Moreover, you would find galore of gaming software that would keep you glued to the system not because they are very interesting but they would take a lot of time in dealing with the cards. But, this RTG software loads very fast and you do not have to wait long for the same. Leave alone loading, downloading of this software is also very fast and at the same it does not require any plug-ins. RTG software also has no other issues with your system and before downloading the software you are not required to upgrade the same as it has been found to be compatible with almost all the systems. Is it not great?

Now you must be wondering, downloading fast, loading of the game is fat then definitely the graphics or the sound would not be that affective. But, I think you should not come to that conclusion until and unless you have used this software because I myself have used this software and found the same to be very affective both in terms of graphics and audio. RTG software is equipped with hi-fi audio system and ultra modern graphics system. No doubt, it would provide you a complete package rich in every sphere that a person can think of.

U.S. Players Welcome

Though most of the software does not allow US players to take part in the online version of the game and RTG software is no exception. However, enthusiasts have found steps, using which they can easily achieve the same. So if you really are desperate for playing the casino game look for options and ways, hope you too get to taste what online gaming from the most famous gamers maker and developers is.

Seeing the escalating rise in the demand of this software, one can easily ascertain its future. The best part of this software is that it is regularly modified and updated just according to the needs and demands of their customers.

Every now and then steps are being taken to make RTG software more user-friendly. Now, if some company or organization is doing so much to satisfy its customer, no wonder the future of this company and at the same this software is going to be great. No doubt, RTG software is worth every penny of your money and time as well. 

The Future of RTG

RTG has made the gaming industry sit and observe its moves and developments. The quality of services and facilities are of the highest order, and the features that they offer are of the highest order. Any person who has a decent knowledge about the game would surely love playing on this one and people have done so over the years.

With so many games and many more coming up every day, this one is sure to make its dominance felt for a long duration. Within the span of few years they have overtaken many similar companies in the field of gaming and with time they are slowly moving towards the top of the list.

List of top RTG casinos 2017

1 Claim your bonus at Palace Of Chance Download Now! 30x deposit + bonus RTG Palace Of Chance review
2 Claim your bonus at Slots Plus Casino Download Now! RTG Slots Plus Casino review
3 Claim your bonus at Planet 7 Casino Download Now! RTG Planet 7 Casino review
4 Claim your bonus at Planet 7 Casino Download Now! 30x Deposit + Bonus RTG Planet 7 Casino review
5 Claim your bonus at Slots of Vegas Download Now! 5x RTG Slots of Vegas review
6 Claim your bonus at Club World Casino Download Now! 30x deposit + bonus RTG Club World Casino review
7 Claim your bonus at iNetBet Download Now! 20x deposit + bonus RTG iNetBet review
8 Claim your bonus at SunPalace Casino Download Now! 40x deposit + bonus RTG SunPalace Casino review
9 Claim your bonus at SunPalace Casino Download Now! 40x RTG SunPalace Casino review
10 Claim your bonus at Palace Of Chance Download Now! 60x bonus RTG Palace Of Chance review
11 Claim your bonus at CoolCat Casino Download Now! 20x Bonus RTG CoolCat Casino review
12 Claim your bonus at Club Player Casino Download Now! 30X playthrough RTG Club Player Casino review
13 Claim your bonus at Desert Nights Download Now! 30x deposit + bonus RTG Desert Nights review

A list of RTG Online Casinos.

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    Comments So Far (14)


      December 29, 2008 at 9.24pm » cheryl1207 said:

      All the casinos that play rtg software with bonus play the same crap no big prizes play a 1.00 get 14.00 bonus can not build up same plays over and over its a gimmick and i have played all at 100.00 a crack today cirrus got me pitiful and they do not care.



        January 7, 2009 at 4.09am » cheryl said:

        I hope rtg reads these feedbacks they are the worst last night play prism tonight and today cirrus the same rolls i left prism i get at cirrus need to say this is no excitement this is boring pretty good when live chat says it will not change rtg needs to satisfy the customer however if it says rtg if you pick a casino well the next rtg is going to be the same only different manager.



          June 13, 2009 at 2.19am » Wes Fox said:

          Rushmore does not pay within 6-10 business days as they say they will. Ripoff.



            June 15, 2009 at 10.37am » Louise (Rushmore Accounting Department) said:

            In reply to the message by Wes, I would like to apologize for the delay with his wire transfer. We have unfortunately had an unexpected and unusual delay because of our processing company, however the funds are on the way to all players which were approved on this date. Regards, Louise - Rushmore Accounting Department.



              June 29, 2009 at 10.58pm » MDB said:




                July 3, 2009 at 8.02am » Diana Sterling said:

                Hi MDB, I am assuming you had a bad experience at Cool Cat Casino. Is there anything we can do to help? Yes, Cool Cat got our 2009 Awards. Voted by players. Let me know if you want me to email you the report. Diana Sterling.



                  July 8, 2009 at 9.56pm » steve ariel said:


                  This is Steve Ariel with Gambilng Wages and Cool Cat is one of the brands we represent.

                  Please send me an email and let me know what issues you had with Cool Cat Casino. Do they owe you money or someone you know?

                  If that is the case, please send me an email with the details (player ID, name, etc) so I can get in touch with the casino to get it taken care of. We will have the casino review the issue and if this is a valid one, it will be taken care of.


                  Steve Ariel
                  Affiliate Manager
                  Gambling Wages
                  Toll-Free from the US: 1-800-549-7407



                    December 17, 2009 at 8.22pm » Donna McKee said:

                    I have been trying to withdrawal some of my winnings for two weeks and have been getting the run around. The only way I have been able to find out anything is by checking back with them because no matter how many e-mails I send or live chats they still have not given me any answers or returned any of my emails and not are aying it will be another 3 weeks at least before I will get my money, but i really doubt that will happen either!! Very frustrating! I have dealt with a lot of other online casinos and never had to go through so much hassle or time just to get my money!! What a Joke!!



                      December 17, 2009 at 8.23pm » Donna McKee said:

                      It does not show in my previous post that the casino I am talking about is CLUB PLAYER CASINO



                        December 20, 2009 at 10.49am » jamin boggs said:

                        I used a coupon that was offered to me and won over $9,000 dollars........I tried cashing out and was told the most i could withdrawl is $500.00 dollars....there was a max cashout so the rest of my winnings would just be used to collect comp points.....i could not withdrawl any of my winnings and have not heard anything back from this casino.....they sent me emails and called ...were so super helpful when i tried to deposit ..but seems like they do not care about when i win.....



                          October 11, 2010 at 11.28am » Brian Svendstrup said:

                          Coolcat Casino is a joke! They should be closed down and the owners sent to prison..They dont pay you your winning and it dosent matter whether you got a bonus or not. I have been trying for months to get them to pay me. They have approved my withdrawel long time ago but They always promiss to pay very soon but nothing happens. Think RTG should stop a casino like this because we, the players, will newer ever play RTG games again if so many of the "Fake" casinos are using their software..Shame on you Coolcat Casino..Its illegal what you do...



                            October 28, 2010 at 11.56pm » Marty Davis said:

                            Hi Brian,

                            Steve Ariel one of the affiliate managers here at Gambling Wages representing Cool Cat Casino has brought this post to my attention. I handle player issues for the Gambling Wages Casino brands.

                            Please email me your User ID and I will look into your case.


                            Marty Davis



                              January 3, 2012 at 11.53pm » gina mcglashen said:

                              Been waiting for over 6 months for a cashout of 300.00 I won on an offered promo. Got all kinds of excuses and delays. Still waiting. SCAM is closer to the truth of their "honest" software and user friendly site.



                                April 12, 2012 at 11.57pm » Tammy Buongiorne said:

                                Can someone please tell me what to do this casino owes me a lot of money and I reported it to this company called CDS almost 4 months ago and have heard nothing from either the dispute center or the casino

                                    Updated: Jun 13, 2014 by Diana Sterling » TAGS: RTG, rtg casino software, RTG Casinos, rtg no deposit, rtg software